FFXIV: Sigmascape God Kefka Savage Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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Sigmascape God Kefka Savage text guide! You’re so close to clearing the tier. All you have to do is breeze through God Kefka’s mechanics. The mechanics are, all in all, not difficult to understand individually but can get overwhelming when you don’t understand your role.
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List of Attacks

DPS Requirement: 32.5k minimum
Before the fight starts, you can set up the markers like such (Please excuse the lopsided-ness):

Pre-fight makers (Image via MS Paint)

Heartless Angel – Attack that reduces everyone’s HP to 1.
Heartless Archangel – Reduces your HP to 1 and inflict you with Incurable, a debuff that prevents you from being healed. If you’re not at full HP after the cast, Incurable will be 12 seconds long instead of 3 seconds.
Ultima – Raid-wide AoE. Magic damage.
Hyperdrive – Tankbuster that gives you a bleed.
Light of Judgement – A very hard hitting raid-wide AoE needs to be mitigated heavily. Magic damage.
Wings of Destruction (Double) – This move will target the closest and furthest player from Kefka. The tanks need to take this with mitigation. The MT stay just inside of Kefka’s hitbox and the OT run to the edge before the casts bar completes. The rest of the players needs to be at max melee from the boss or you will get clipped.
Wings of Destruction (Single) – One of Kefka’s wings will glow and he will cleave either half room on whichever side his wings are glowing.
Futures Numbered – Kefka will charge to a random player and then cleave IN FRONT of him so players will need to stack together to bait the charge and then run through Kefka immediately.
Pasts Forgotten – Kefka will charge to a random player and then cleave BEHIND him so players will need to stack together to bait the charge and STAY PUT until he cleaves behind him.
Ultimate Embraced – A very heavy hitting AoE tank buster that needs to be either shared by BOTH tanks or taken by one tank with an Invuln CD. 
Small Trine – Triangles will appear on the arena in a sequence. They will fall in pairs and the ones that fall first will explode first. So the strategy is to find the last set of triangles to fall and stand on it, then move immediately after the first set explodes. Keep in mind that the explosion occurs at the tip of the triangles.

Big Trine:

There are two variations of this. There will be a large triangle that appears on the arena. If the big triangle has a smaller triangle in the middle, you will need to look for the edge that is empty and stack tight there because it’ll occur in conjunction with Future’s Number / Pasts Forgotten.


Celestriad is a combination of Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire attacks. Only, every variation is happening at the same time. Don’t worry, it sounds harder than it seems.


So the strategy is to pull Kefka towards the North but don’t go too far up. As a tank, you want to be sitting in the A marker after the pull and Kefka should be sitting where you want him to. Before the fight starts, each DPS should call a position (NE, NW, W, SW). And depending on which position you called, that is where you’ll be going before the Celestriad cast bar fills this is to spread out the damage for Fire. Tank and Healers will have to be stacked on the SE of the boss to share the damage for the Fire stack marker. Keep in mind that if a single person is down during this mechanic, it’s almost always a wipe.
At the same time, Blizzard will be going off. So position just outside the circle around Kefka then once it goes off, move in immediately to avoid the 2nd Blizzard sequence. But be careful not to go too close to another person because the fires will overlap and kill you both.

Sigmascape God Kefka Savage text guide

Celestriad Diagram (Image via MS Paint)

Celestriad will happen twice. So the first time will always happen on Northside and the 2nd time will be right after 2nd Forsaken so just position Kefka the same way but on the East or West, depending on which side your group assigns as the tank towers. The Thunder lines are always fixed so just make sure Kefka is sitting in the middle of the lines.


The move that marks the progression of the fight. The move itself is a raid-wide AoE so it will need to be healed through. But what makes Forsaken important is that there are three variations of this attack so once you’ve been up to 3rd Forsaken, you’ve pretty much seen the whole fight. So let’s see the strategies for all three variations.

First Forsaken:

Kefka will cast Heartless Archangel right after the Forsaken cast so healers will need to do some heavy healing to top everyone off. Pay extra attention to the main tank because they’re still getting auto-attacked. Four skulls will appear and tether to the DPS and three towers will appear. Each tower needs to have two players in it to absorb it or else it’ll explode and grant a stack of Damage Down debuffs.
The easiest method, in my opinion, is the Cross Skull Method. When the skulls spawn, as a DPS, you should position yourself like this:

First Forsaken Diagram (Image via MS Paint)

The Mad Head will move towards the DPS so healers need to make sure they have at least 14k HP so they can take the skulls. Healers, make sure you’re in the middle of the tower because the Mad Heads explode in a small AoE. Because there can’t be more than two players in the tower, the tanks need to wait just outside the middle tower and wait for it to go off before immediately running in or else they’ll get hit by the skulls.

Second Forsaken:

Starstrafe is perhaps the most daunting part of the fight. There are a lot of things happening at the same time but all you need to focus on is your own mechanics. I’ll break this down according to each class.

Ranged DPS:

Determine which of you will be going to East and West, so either B or C.
During the Forsaken cast, position yourself away from the party. As long as you’re not close to Kefka, before the Forsaken cast finishes because you need to bait the Prey marker to position the meteors.
After the marker appears on your head, head over to the far East and West of the arena and wait for each meteor to drop. Do NOT linger in the pool for too long because you’ll be afflicted with Filth, that’s a debuff that instantly kills you. Slowly make your way up to North, which should be A. There will be a tower there that needs to be absorbed by all Four DPS or you’ll get a damage down for each missing DPS.
After the tower goes off, run towards Kefka because a stack marker will target a DPS. Careful to avoid running through the tank towers because those will be going off.

Melee DPS:

You need to be right underneath Kefka during the Forsaken cast to make sure you two are the closest DPS players to Kefka. So you’ll get targeted with AoEs. You two need to work out how you want to bait the AoEs. To maximize uptime, you can start North > NW > SW> SE > NE and then run into the tower at North.
After the tower goes off, run towards Kefka because a stack marker will target a DPS. Careful to avoid running through the tank towers because those will be going off.


Before this, the tanks and the healers will need to work out which side will they take. Two towers will appear on the East and West side of the arena but before that, you’ll be targetted by Kefka clones. So let’s say the tanks are assigned to the East.
So you’ll want to bait this towards the SE side of the arena, all the way to the edge. Because you’re both tanks, you can stack together on the SE side. Kefka will either cast Future’s End or Past’s End. If it’s Future’s End, you need to wait a moment for the clones to lock position before running behind them. If it’s Past’s End, you need to run through immediately after the clones charge to flip him around or else they’ll cleave the whole arena.
After that goes off, you both need to head over to the tower that spawned first, which should be the tower on the far East and then the one further in. Huddle up for the stack marker.


Exactly the same as the Tanks’ except on the West side and you need to decide with your co-healer, how you want to spread the clones out because the charge will stack damage and instantly kill you both. And to reinforce this mechanic because you WILL wipe the party if you don’t get this right.
Kefka will either cast Future’s End or Past’s End. If it’s Future’s End, you need to wait a moment for the clones to lock position before running behind them. If it’s Past’s End, you need to run through immediately after the clones charge to flip him around or else they’ll cleave the whole arena.
Do not forget to tank the towers before you group up with the rest.

3rd Forsaken:

After the forsaken cast, players will be randomly tethered with a knockback tether. At the same time, three towers will appear on the arena. One of the East and West and one in the middle. The one in the middle needs to be absorbed by four players all DPS should be in this one.
The tanks and healers can go to either west or east, doesn’t matter. But just to keep things consistent with 2nd forsaken, you can have Tanks in the East tower and healers in the West tower.
So just as a reminder:
DPS – Middle
Tanks – East
Healers – West
If you have the knockback tether, you either need to run up North or use a knockback prevention skill. To avoid getting knocked off.
After the knockbacks comes the Sleep and Confused Tethers. This is exactly like the ones in the Kefka fight. If you’re tethered to the LEFT, go to your assigned letters you should’ve established in Door Kefka. If you’re tethered to the RIGHT, go into the innermost side of the tower.
So for the Sleep tethers:
Healer/Ranged – West tower
Melee/Tank – East tower
*Make sure you move in after the tower drops to kite a little or else the people with confusion will one-shot you.
Note: When the Mad Heads come out a second time before the last forsaken, there will be a DPS tower towards the south. so after you run into your skulls, you need to run into the towers to absorb it. You need at least four people there. So if one of the DPS dies to their skull, a healer can go in there.
Also, the last forsaken is basically a repeat of the 3rd forsaken but without the sleep and confusion tethers.

Wings of Destruction (Single) + Half Room AoE

It’s important that I highlight this mechanic. The main tank must make sure to tank Kefka facing either East or West because he will cleave half the room a the same time, the statue will cleave the other half. So if you have Kefka facing East or West, you’ll always free up 1/4 of the arena as a safe zone regardless of which side is being cleaved
Something like this:

Wings of Destruction + Half Room = Pizza Cutter (Image via MS Paint)

And now you know the whole fight!
P.S – Please ignore the ugly drawings. I literally did them on Paint and basic Photoshop.
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Fight Sequence

0:08 – Heartless Angel
0:14 – Ultima
0:21 – Hyperdrive
0:29 – Celestriad
0:39 – Ultima
0:51 – First Forsaken
1:03 – Heartless Archangel + Mad Head
1:16 – Wings of Destruction (Double Wings)
1:22 – Ultima
1:33 – Heartless Archangel + Mad Head
1:46 – Light of Judgement
2:03 – Small Trine + Wings of Destruction (Single)
2:21 – Wings of Destruction (Double)
2:38 – Ultima
2:45 – Futures Numbered / Pasts Forgotten
2:56 – Ultimate Embrace
3:03 – Hyperdrive
3:11 – Ultima
3:27 – Second Forsaken
3:37 – Starstrafe
3:43 – Future’s End / Past’s End
3:52 – All Things Ending
4:01 – Light of Judgement
4:18 – Celestriad
4:27 – Wings of Destruction (Single)
4:34 – Ultima
4:51 – Big Trine
5:00 – Futures Numbered / Pasts Forgotten
5:11 – Wings of Destruction (Double)
5:17 – Ultimate Embrace
5:25 – Hyperdrive
5:33 – Ultima
5:49 – Third Forsaken
6:03 – Ultima + Knockback tether
6:09 – Ultimate Embrace
6:15 – Confusion + Sleep tether
6:23 – Ultima
6:31 – Heartless Archangel + Mad Head
6:44 – Wings of Destruction (Double)
6:50 – Ultima
6:56 – Wings of Destruction (Single) + Half Room AoE
7:02 – Light of Judgement
7:19 – Small Trine
7:25 – Wings of Destruction (Single)
7:36 – Wings of Destruction (Double)
7:42 – Ultimate Embrace
7:50 – Big Trine
8:08 – Futures Numbered / Pasts Forgotten
8:20 – Hyperdrive
8:28 – Ultima
8:36 – Ultima
8:52 – Third Forsaken
9:06 – Ultima + Knockback Tether
9:12 – Ultimate Embrace
9:18 – Confusion + Sleep Tether
9:26 – Ultima
9:34 – Heartless Archangel + Mad Head
9:47 – Wings of Destruction (Double)
9:53 – Ultima
9:59 – Wings of Destruction (Single) + Half Room AoE
10:05 – Ultima
10:13 – Ultima
10:21 – Ultima
10:30 – Ultima
10:38 – Light of Judgement (Enrage)
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