FFXIV: Castrum Fluminis Extreme Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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Still stuck on trying to clear the new primal on extreme mode? Use this Castrum Fluminis extreme text guide! The fight uses familiar mechanics from the game and there isn’t really anything new. I mean, the only new mechanic we got in this patch was in the form of a Math test in the Lighthouse.
Anyways, there are four phases to this fight and it’s about 13 minutes long including enrage. I’ll begin by explaining her moves first before listing down the fight rotation, feel free to skip to the bottom if you already know her moves! I’ll also bold quick reference for each mechanic so you don’t have to read the chunk of text explanation if you don’t want to.

List of moves


Just a raid-wide aoe, shield and heal through it.


When Tsukiyomi cast Nightfall, look out for what she’s holding in her hand.

  • Steel of the Underworld (Spear)

If she’s holding a spear, she’s about to do a conal aoe based on class. Other indicator includes the text on the screen and a sharp ping that sounds like a blade sharpening.
To handle this we assigned the tanks to stand together North (or South if you’re doing the DPS optimization way), healers on East and DPS on West.


Tsukiyomi is holding a spear, get in position!

  • Lead of the Underworld (Gun)

If she’s holding a gun, she will target a DPS to shoot in a line. Other indicator includes the text on the screen and a sound of a gun reloading. Or, you could say gun corking just like our Black Mage did and the rest of us proceeded to giggle like 12 years old cause we’re a bunch of juveniles. Anyways, It’s vital that this damage is shared amongst the group, taking it alone will kill the targeted DPS.
To handle this we get everyone to stack together on her booty.


Tsukiyomi is holding a gun, get on that booty!


A transitional raid-wide aoe, the party will be Down for the Count for the first Nightbloom as she transitions to Phase Two. Shield and heal through as usual. If you’re a Paladin and there’s a Black Mage in the party, you could cover them so they won’t drop Enochian! Alternatively, Cover the Astrologian so they can keep playing Yu Gi Oh.

Phase One – Adds

At this point, she will become untargettable. This is the add phase. Focus on killing the adds tethered to her first before dealing with the second group. There two rounds of adds and three sets each. The first round will summon the Specter of the Matriach and Patriarch. Kill these first then move on two the two groups of Specter of Homeland. Basically, for both set, kill the adds that are tethered to her.
Do not that the ads tethered to Tsukiyomi will not aggro anyone else. So tanks only need to pull the melee group of specter over to the range specter and clear them out. Healers don’t forget your tank here! Once you take out the two rounds of adds, two NPC will face off with one of them casting Dispersivity from time to time. It’s another raid-wide aoe, so shield and heal!

Supreme Selenomancy

Once Supreme Selenomancy starts casting, get ready to move. Look out for what debuff she puts on you and move to the opposite panel. There are three ways to tell what debuff you have. Either look at the debuff bar or the icon over your head. The text across the screen also indicates which debuff she’s about to put on you.
Personally, looking at the debuff bar is the best way for me but that’s entirely up to you to pick which method you’re comfortable with. This is because the debuff bar tells you clearly how many stacks of the moon you have. Avoid reaching five stacks because that’ll get you a free Doom debuff and kill you.
Tip: Always stand on the crescent side (skinny side) of the floor. The room will be covered completely with the thicc side once the meteor drops, making it impossible for you to switch which will then eventually lead to your untimely death.
If you get Moonlit Debuff, stand on the Moonshadow surface and if you get Moonshadow Debuff, stand on the Moonlit surface.


Supreme Selenomancy


Three players from each role will be marked with a meteor marker. Off tank runs the opposite side of where the safe spot is (where she’s being tanked at that moment).  Marked DPS goes to ‘1’ side and marked healer to ‘2’ side. For the marked DPS or healer, remember to drop your meteor on the skinny side of the floor. This will, later on, create a safe spot for the group to stand in when she’s casting Antitwilight/Perilune to end the Supreme Selenomancy phase. Scroll all the way to the bottom for a diagram of how my group did it!

Midnight Rain

Another raid-wide aoe. Avoid by standing in the safe spot away from the meteors. Getting hit will probably kill you.


A raid-wide aoe to end the first Supreme Selenomancy. It will kill you if you’re not standing in the safe spot. Heal and shield through it and she will remove the moon pattern from the floor, returning the arena to normal.


Tsukiyomi summons multiple fans around the arena in various patterns. Go to the area where the fan drops last to avoid getting hit. She will either drop multiple fans at once at one side of the room or one fan at a time. For the multi-fans pattern, the second half of the room is the safe place. If she’s dropping one fan at a time, either look for the first fan that drops then move into it immediately after it explodes. Or, look for the last fan and stand in that.

Torment Unto Death

A tank buster that puts a magic vulnerability on the receiver. Tank swap during the cast or the next auto attack will kill the main tank. Also, remember that this is a conal cleave, DO NOT stand with the tank especially the off-tank. The hit won’t kill you but now both of you have the debuff and will die to her next auto attack.


A raid-wide aoe to end the second Supreme Selenomancy. It will kill you if you’re not standing in the safe spot. Heal and shield through it and she will remove the moon pattern from the floor, returning the arena to normal.

Dance of the Dead

Transition to Phase Four, another raid-wide aoe.

Bright Blade

Tsukiyomi will cleave the left side of the room, stand on her right.

Dark Blade

Tsukiyomi will cleave the right side of the room, stand on her left.

Light of the Full Moon

Her dress turns white and she will do an aoe on herself, run away to avoid getting hit. Taking damage gives you a damage down debuff.

Darkness of the New Moon

Her dress turns black and she will do an aoe around her, stay close to her to avoid getting hit. Taking damage gives you a damage down debuff.


A random target aoe that hits multiple time (think Akh Morn), share this, heal hard, and pray you make it out alive.


One person from each class will get targetted by a small aoe damage, spread out and make sure you don’t hit another person with the marker. It’s okay to stand in one of this if you don’t have the marker as space will be limited.

Fight Rotation

Here’s the sequence of how the battle goes down!

Phase One

  • Reprimand
  • Nightfall (Spear OR Gun)
  • Nightfall (Alternative of the first Nightfall)
  • Reprimand
  • Nightbloom

Phase Two

  • Two rounds of adds with three groups each
  • Dispersivity

Phase Three

  • Supreme Selenomancy

Tip: Pull the boss so that she’s standing in between both sides of the moon. The skinny side that the tank is standing on will always be the safe side. Try to stand on the skinny side and only move behind her to stack for Nightfall (Gun) once the cast bar for it is over.
A PLD will always be the OT at this point since they shouldn’t be the one pulling the fight (but if you are not OT at this point you can ignore this). Since PLD doesn’t have a gap closer, when the group is stacking up for Nightfall (Gun) you actually start moving towards your spot. It doesn’t matter which strat you’re doing, having one less person on the stack is fine. Only pop Sprint after you drop the meteor and run back to the group immediately. But, if your healers are nice, ask them to get Rescue to bring you back instead.

  • Nightfall (Gun)
  • Meteor Markers
  • Midnight Rain
  • Antitwilight
  • Reprimand
  • Zashiki-asobi
  • Nightfall (Gun or Spear)
  • Torment Unto Death
  • Supreme Selenomancy
  • Nightfall (Spear)
  • Meteor Markers
  • Midnight Rain
  • Perilune

Phase Four

  • Dance of the Dead
  • Bright Blade OR Dark Blade + Light of the Full Moon (LotFM) OR Darkness of the New Moon (DotNM)
  • Bright Blade OR Dark Blade + Alternative of what she cast first. Meaning, if she cast Light of the Full Moon first, this will Darkness of the New Moon and vice versa.

Tip: If you’re a DPS, the camera angle shouldn’t be a problem since you can easily tell which is her right and left. If you’re tanking, just turn the camera around if you’re having difficulty figuring out which side is safe.
Bright = go right, Dark = go left for safe spots.

  • Reprimand
  • Zashiki-asobi + Lunacy

Tip: It is super important here that the main tank moves quickly back to the designated tanking spot. Tsukiyomi will cast another set of Bright or Dark Blade alongside LotFM or DotNM. The main tank does not need to stack for Lunacy, just move immediately after Zashiki-asobi goes off. With so many things happening at the same time, it’s easier when the party has a sense of which direction is north so they can determine left and right easily to run to for safety. Parties usually wipe here due to the boss turning a different direction due to the main tank moving in too slow to their spot.

  • Bright Blade OR Light Blade + LotFM or DotNM
  • Torment Unto Death
  • Zashiki-asobi + Hagetsu
  • Bright Blade OR Light Blade + LotFM or DotNM
  • Reprimand
  • Reprimand
  • Zashiki-asobi + Lunacy
  • Bright Blade OR Light Blade + LotFM or DotNM
  • Torment Unto Death
  • Repeats Zashiki-asobi + Hagetsu/Lunacy with
  • Bright Blade OR Light Blade + LotFM or DotNM until Hard Enrage around the 12 minute mark.

Follow-the-color Strat

One of our raid members, Nyx Masamune came up with a color-coded strat because we’re all idiots who kept losing our heads during Nightfall (Spear) at the second Supreme Selenomancy. Well not all of us, just a specific Ninja in the group 😛
By assigning DPS to red color and healers to yellow, this marker was helpful throughout all four phases in determining where we stand.

ffxiv castrum fluminis extreme text guide

Markers and positions for Meteor, and Phase One and Three’s Nightfall (Spear)

We have the tank always standing on C for Phase One and Four. During Supreme Selenomancy, the main tank will pull the boss so that she’s on top of the Crescent line. The reason why we choose to have the tank stand on C is that she will always turn south to cast her skills. God knows why. So with the tank already on C, this will allow melee DPS to do their positionals without the boss spinning every so often.
For Phase One Nightfall (Spear), DPS will be on ‘A’ side and healers on ‘B’ side.
For the second Supreme Selenomancy where she cast Nightfall (Spear), DPS will be on ‘1’ side and healer on ‘2’ side. You don’t HAVE to be on the marker, just on either side of her so you don’t clip the other group.
Any subsequent Nightfall (Spear), DPS ‘A’ side, healers ‘B’ side.
By grouping DPS together on RED and healers on YELLOW, it was easier to determine where to stand during Nightfall (Spear) plus having the tank consistently on C helps us dodge the Blades easily.
There are many strats out there to do this fight but this is ours! Hope it’s helpful 🙂


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