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Shoot up a storm with your squad today!

Last week Epic Games announced that Fortnite’s PVP mode is going free to play. Today is the day it goes live and here’s how to download Fortnite Battle Royale. We’ve decided to write this guide to help players, especially those from South East Asia region, that are having a hard time figuring out how to download the game.
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Image via Epic Games

Create your Epic Games account

Doesn’t matter which platform you’re playing on, you’re going to need an Epic Games account. You can sign up for one on the Epic Games’ website. Fill in your details, confirm your e-mail and you’re ready for the next step. If you’re from SEA and wants to play Fortnite, there’s currently no SEA server but you can still play the game. Just choose the United States as your country during sign up*. Bear in mind that if your internet is not strong enough you’ll probably have high ping.
*If you’re signing up to play from a PlayStation 4, it’s safer to choose United States since the game isn’t available in the SEA PlayStation Store. If playing from PC/Mac, you can choose your original country.
Update: PC and Mac OS user can select actual country during sign up, you can still play. PlayStation 4 players still need NA/EU PSN account, the game doesn’t show up in SEA PlayStation Store.

Windows PC and Mac OS

  1. Download Epic Games launcher here (the top right corner that says Get Epic Games).
  2. Login with the account you signed up with.
  3. Download game and once complete, jump in and play!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

  1. Download Fortnite Battle Royale from PlayStation Store / Xbox Store. (You’ll need an NA PSN account to access the NA PSN Store)
  2. Login with the account you signed up with once the download is completed.

*PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to play Fortnite for PlayStation 4 players. However, Xbox players will need to an active subscription of Xbox Live Gold to play this.
A few changes were made to the PVP mode upon its full release, you can check out the full patch note here. Last but not least, enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale!



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