Monster Hunter: World Info Round-up

by Sammy Chan

Last week during the PlayStation Press Conference in Japan 2017, Monster Hunter: World’s release date was revealed. More information about the game was released over the weekend at Tokyo Game Show 2017. Here’s a quick Monster: Hunter World info round-up before the game hits the shelves in 4 months time!

Monster Hunter: World info round up

Image via Capcom


  • The multi-player mode will support up to four hunters at a time.
  • A player can choose to either form up at the base or answer distress calls from fellow hunters.
  • If you’re having a hard time killing a specific monster, dropping a flare any time will summon players to drop-in to aid you.
  • With the addition of drop-in, drop-out multiplayer emotes and in-game chat will be available to ease communications.
  • Solo players can play offline but there’s no local multiplayer.


  • Zones will be seamless since its open world so you won’t be seeing loading screens during quests.
  • Base Camp will be spawning in random places, hunters will start different Base Camp every hunt.
  • Hunters can swim but the game has no underwater combat.
  • Fast travel between Base Camp is enabled out of combat.
  • Hunters can revisit Base Camp to change weapons and armor mid-hunt.
  • There will be no hunt limitation so hunters can continue to hunt freely without being held back by main objective/quest.
  • Monster attacks break and alter the environments during fights.
  • Hunters can interact with the environment and use it to their advantage in fights.
  • Monsters in each zone are tiered by a hierarchical ecosystem.
  • With the addition of flora and fauna, hunters can use the environment to their advantage. For example, Vigorwasps can be used to recover health and Paratoads can be used to produce a paralyzing toxin.
  • Large monsters in each location have their own territory. Hunters may need to lure another threat into the large monster’s territory to get their target to reveal itself.


  • Monsters can detect hunters through sight and smell so stealth-play is an option.
  • There’s no health bar but damage numbers will help indicate the effectiveness of attacks. For example, hitting a weak spot will show a higher number.
  • Hunters can mount monsters in a fight and start doing locational damage along the monster’s body to deal impactful blows.
  • Scout flies will help hunters track monsters once enough clue is gathered.
  • Monsters can be lured into fighting or scaring each other.
  • Hunters also get a handler that will prepare a meal for them depending on the item provided. Food will grant hunters buffs as usual. On rare occasions, she will provide hunters with rations to bring on hunts.
  • To craft new gear, hunters will have to defeat monsters and collect loot from the fallen foes.

Items and Inventory

  • The game will feature 14 weapons excluding tonfas.
  • Hunters will get a new cloak item that they can wear for a certain period of time. Cloaks will grant hunters to use different abilities.
    Ghillie Mantle: Conceals you from enemy temporarily. Effect expires if you perform an attack or take damage.
    Glider Mantle: Increases jump airtime and grant the ability to ride strong winds. Also makes it easier to mount monsters.
    Rocksteady Mantle: Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing and grants tremor resistance. Also gives damage reduction.
    Challenger Mantle: Taunts monster to attack you more often making them easier to lure. Effect expires upon attacking.
  • Every hunter is now equipped with The Slinger. This item can fire a grappling hook, pull objects or even fire projectiles at foes.
  • A Wishlist is introduced to make crafting easier. Hunters will receive notification once all materials are present to craft an item on the wish list.
  • Some armor have set bonuses that will grant unique skill to hunters.
Monster Hunter: World info round up
Image via Capcom


  • Palico partners are back alongside Palicoes armor.
  • Palicoes can interact with wild Felyne clans and small monsters to learn their language and befriend them. These can then, later on, translate to a form of aid for the hunters during hunts.
  • There will be no regional gating, the multiplayer servers are global.
  • The character creation tool is extremely in-depth.

More details will be added/updated as soon as we get our hands on them. Hopefully, this Monster Hunter: World info round up got you as hype as we are for the game! Ready to pre-order the game? You can do so here.

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