Dota 2’s Nemestice Battle Pass Has Arrived!

by Bradley Tan
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The Dota 2’s Nemestice Battle Pass has finally arrived! Valve has released a Summer Nemestice event along with a brand new Arcana bundle for Spectre and a new persona for Dragon Knight.

Based on its level, the 2021 Battle Pass are priced at RM31 for level 1, RM 112 for level 50 and RM175 for level 100.


Image via Valve

Additionally, players can raise their Battle Level to unlock rewards. They can either play matches, complete objectives or purchase the higher levelled Battle Pass.

The rewards include new Immortal Treasures, a Dragon Knight Persona, a brand new Spectre Arcana and a Young Invoker Dark Artistry Bundle!


Image via Valve

Since its first announcement, the Spectre Arcana bundle has been one of the most anticipated items that fans have been waiting for. In fact, for almost a year, the Spectre won The International 10 Dota 2 Arcana Vote.

Moreover, Dragon Knight’s brand new persona will be based on the recent Netflix anime, Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Players will get to play as the Davion-themed set.

You can also get brand new effects for ranged heroes. Look out for the Nemestice flair as your favourite ranged heroes throws a blast at their enemies.

Valve also announced that this will not be the only Battle Pass that they will be releasing this year. According to their newsletter, it said “…this is just the first offering in this year’s cadence of events—we’re planning a second Battle Pass later this year.”


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