Dota 2 – First Co-Op Multiplayer Campaign

by Sammy Chan
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Calling All Battle Pass Owners

Now, if you’ve followed the DOTA 2 Twitter account, you may or may not have seen this tweet:

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And today, they released the first act of Siltbreaker, which they’ve announced as the first ever Dota 2 co-operative multiplayer campaign, exclusive only to Battle Pass holders.
As you play through the campaign, you will get chances to attain Artifacts, which are powerful items you can equip in your inventory. What they actually do, we’re not quite sure.

Image via Dota 2 Website

Now, the story is where the mystery lies. A creature, Siltbreaker has awoken in the Dark Reef and your job is to end his ascension. However, in this act, you will not be fighting Siltbreaker, but rather his twisted minion– Rhyzik the Corruptor.
Your team will comprise of you and three other players. You may complete the campaign as many times as you wish. And at the end of the campaign you will attain completion stars to rank your performance. If you get three stars, you will be rewarded by Siltbreaker.
Within those rewards, you’ll be granted a chance to receive a rare Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier.
So pull together some friends and start campaigning!
For more details, check out the official Dota 2 website.

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