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by Sammy Chan
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In a world where technology has come to the point where Artificial Intelligence is available. Humans have become complacent in menial tasks such as cooking, cleaning the house, and even taking care of themselves. Dependent have we become to the Androids to help us with our daily needs. Technically this has made life much easier but what happens when we mistreat our helpers with violent behavior? Let’s find out in this spoiler-free Detroit: Become Human review!
It took me roughly around 10 to 12 hours to complete my first playthrough. The well-crafted story is definitely the most enjoyable part of it all. The graphics, as well as the facial expressions given by each character in the game, was fantastic. In the early parts of the game, it puts me through minor tasks such as cleaning the house and picking up packages. You know, mostly daily task. As the game progresses, the decisions we make in the game might result in losing a character and alter the story progression. With each and every decision I made in the game, it literally impacted my next chapter. This made me feel even more invested towards my characters. I got so emotionally attached to them I just had to see their stories to the end.

Character Progression

The game puts you through the view of three separate characters. You’ll get to play as Connor, Markus, and Kara. Honestly, I enjoyed every moment of each character. As the story begins, we are introduced first to their origins. So you get a brief look at their backgrounds and a short tutorial-like introduction as to what they assigned tasks are.
The character development unfolding before my eyes as I played was a sight to behold. The Androids went from order-following drones to strong leaders through trials and turbulence and even displayed significant emotional growth. It wasn’t linear at all where the characters stay the same from start till end. With every passing decision I made, I change them somehow – for better or for worse. This is what got me hook the most since I try to put myself in their shoes. Every action I took, I felt responsible somehow for their livelihood and the game didn’t make this any easier what with the constant emotional bombs it dropped on me.

What did I miss?

Whenever I finished a chapter in the game, it shows me alternate routes or possible outcomes and there was huge variation. There are a lot of “what ifs’ moments in the game which is very interesting in my opinion as it gives the game a big replay value.
Once I finished my own playthrough, watching someone else’s felt like a completely different game. So the outcome I got might not be the same of what you’ll be getting. This is another great feat the game managed to accomplish. You’re truly in control of how the story unravels adding on to its replay value.

Moral compass

The game itself has values to teach you as you play and make your choices. It gives you the choice to either be good or bad and this is ultimately lead to a certain ending. As for me, I decide by putting myself directly in the game so it was as if the events were happening to me. I couldn’t really tell if what I did was right or wrong at some point. 
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Towards the end, the game presented to the players, in this case, me, a lesson on a very common issue – racism. Of course in this sense, it wasn’t about the color of our skin but more about the conflict between the Human and Android race. Human in this game was mostly mistreating the Androids. We’ve lost touch with our humanity and become desensitized to another being just cause they are different. This ultimately resulted in the glitch in the Android’s programming that ultimately properly the whole storyline to its climax. I’m a huge believer in the Golden Rule. So when it was revealed that all the Androids wanted was freedom and to be treated as equals, I was touched by this notion. I truly believe that we should treat others how we wanted to be treated. However, whether the humans comply with this notion or not, that’s another matter altogether.


Honestly, I enjoyed my playthrough of the game. Though there are some problems with the game which got me thinking such as how do some of these humans even afford to have an Android which cost roughly around 8k USD while having debt and living in hellholes. Putting that aside though, the storytelling was well made. The graphics were fantastic. When I saw the facial expressions of the characters in the game I was literally drawn to my monitor. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Having to make impactful ones in the game made it all the better.
I will give this game a solid 8 or 9 out of 10. So let’s just say 8.5/10. Thanks for reading my Detroit: Become Human review!

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