Dead by Daylight Free Week is here!

by Sammy Chan
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Ever wanted to scare and hunt down four of your friends? Or you are the kind to prefer having the advantage of numbers and just survive? The Dead by Daylight free week has arrived so call your friends up and play! The offer only lasts until September 26 though. After the offer ends, you need to buy the game in order to continue playing.

Dead by Daylight Free Week

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What can you expect from Dead by Daylight?

This multiplayer horror game puts you as a Killer or the one of four of the Survivors. The objective of the Killer is to pursue the Survivors and catch them. Once you do catch one of the pesky rats, don’t be too happy yet. They can still struggle and slip away. Grab them by the throat and put them on a hook so they bleed to death. The Survivors, on the other hand, have to make use of the terrain to crawl and hide from the Killer. If you watch horror movies before, remember that running and yelling never works. Important tip from us: Don’t panic! Sneakily make your way to one of the generators and repair it. Repair enough generators and your way of escape will become available.
There are four modes of gameplay, namely, Play as Survivor, Play as Killer, Survive With Friends and Kill Your Friends. We’re going to skip explaining the first two modes and focus on the last two modes. These are the modes that you should exploit during the free week. Grab three of your friends and survive against a Killer in Survive with Friends mode. Alternatively, you can grab an extra friend and one of you can become the Killer instead. Take turns in becoming a Survivor and a Killer and have some quality terrifying time among friends!

Dead by Daylight Free Week

Just to clarify, Dead by Daylight will be free to play for a week. During the free week, the base game and the deluxe edition will be on a 50% and a 60% discount on Steam respectively. The latest DLC “Shattered Bloodline” was just released introducing a new Killer, the Spirit, into the long list of Killers available. Get your Steam Wallet Codes here if you plan to get the game with/for your friends.

Dead By Daylight Free Week

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