Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal sets high expectations

by Sammy Chan
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CD Projekt RED released a brief teaser of their next gem back in 2013 and then there was silence. This year’s E3 has them breaking the silence by releasing a 50-minute behind-closed-doors Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal. Only just recently the company have decided to release the video for the public to see.
The gameplay demo has a lot to offer and we’re making sure you do not miss any of it. We decided to compile a list of the cool features of the game for those who do not have time to watch the full gameplay release video (although we would wonder why you would not want to invest the time for this amazing gameplay unveiling). The game is still a work-in-progress. Everything you see in the video and everything we say here is not final and may not appear in the final product.

What did we learn from the Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal?


  • No “class” system / “Fluid class system” as the devs call it.
  • The backstory of your character will affect the storyline.
  • Appearance options, in general, will be style, clothes, makeup, and piercing. Unsure whether it will be the same for both genders.
  • Parts of your body have levels on them as well. E.g. Head Lvl 2.
  • Deeper into the game you can double jump or jump off walls.


  • Ads can lead you to vendors.
  • Vendors can be in the form of signs or NPCs. Some NPCs on the streets can be vendors as well.
  • No loading screens between places.
  • Explore the city in cars, motorbikes or other vehicles.
  • Scanning items, vehicles, NPCs or (part of) buildings may reveal additional information or weaknesses.


  • Conversations can sometimes be skipped with NPCs.
  • Decisions in your story affect random encounters with (hostile) NPCs in your gaming experience.
  • Quests have multiple methods or paths to go through in order to complete them. E.g. Shoot everything or take the non-violent path.
  • Skills in the game can open up more paths to complete your quest. So far Engineering and Hacking is revealed.
  • You can ‘jack’ into enemies to get more information about building layouts, other NPCs, etc.


  • Weapons and gear can be upgraded.
  • Equipment/gear that you use affect XP gains, stats, resistances and more.
  • Implants can affect your gameplay. E.g. Upgrade your eyes to see farther, at the cost of ‘humanity’.
  • Loot can be found in multiple locations throughout the game. Check those boxes!
  • Weapons have color-coded categories to differentiate the good and the great weapons. So far we have found: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic category.

CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal totally gave us something to look forward to. That is also the problem as the devs mentioned that the game will only be released when it’s finished. So we don’t have a date to circle on our calendars. After the well-received gameplay reveal you can be sure the date of release is close, at least not after five years.

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