Cheaper Steam Wallet Codes for Thailand!

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Sawadee Krap! If you’re living in Thailand, and an avid gamer with a ton of games in your Steam library, then Congratulations! You can consider yourself a Steam enthusiast! Better yet, you’re in luck, as SEAGM has Cheaper Steam Wallet Codes for Thailand!

Cheaper Steam Wallet Codes – You get what you pay for!

SEAGM has adjusted the prices of Steam Wallet Codes for Thailand. With the price adjustment, Steam Wallet Codes are now cheaper than it was before. Which means bang for your buck! 

New prices:

  • Steam Wallet Code 50 Baht TH – ฿ 50.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 75 Baht TH – ฿ 75.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 100 Baht TH – ฿ 100.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 200 Baht TH – ฿ 200.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 350 Baht TH – ฿ 350.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 1000 Baht TH – ฿ 1,000.00
  • Steam Wallet Code 2000 Baht TH – ฿ 2,000.00

In short, You get what you pay for! Even better yet, there’s a whole list of Steam Games that the SEAGM community enjoyed during quarantine. While we have an article listing all of it, here are two that you can’t miss out on:

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands requires deep-strategy in order to come out of the firefight alive. With high death stakes, and intelligent enemies amplifying those stakes, Wildlands is a challenging chess match where you set the position of your pieces before making the first move.

Things get challenging after 10-15 hours, when you reach level 30. The game’s enemy AI becomes exceptionally difficult to elude and every step you make will have to be calculated. Farm new gear to make your takeovers smoother and come up with sidewinding strategies with your AI or Human partners to overcome the Wildlands.


This Game of the Year title gained mass attention since its Day 0 alpha build. It polishes, if not perfects, the roguelike formula in addition to having an excellent cast of characters with strong narrative.

The game is recipient to multiple Game of the Year awards from several publications and for good reason, too. We like it so much, that we’re begging you to move this from your Steam Games Wish List 2020 to your Checkout Cart 2021.

How to buy Steam Wallet Codes on SEAGM?

Anyways, get cheaper Steam Wallet Codes in Thailand today, and get these games if you haven’t already. Trust us, you won’t regret it. They are our picks after all, so just sit tight, and enjoy the experience!

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