Canadian Walmart Site Leaks Potential E3 Titles

by Sammy Chan

The most anticipated gaming event, E3, is just around the corner. We are eagerly awaiting the latest updates on our most anticipated games, as well as the announcement of new ones. While we welcome the exhilarating sense of anticipation, the internet almost never fails to leak information that further fuels the boisterous gamer inside us.
Leaks are somewhat like spoilers. Some people love them as they fuel hype and consumers know what to focus looking forward to. Some people hate them as it ruins the anticipation and suspense of upcoming events. Walmart Canada has dished out the potentially biggest gaming leak of 2018: the upcoming games of this year’s E3. While they aren’t really the what we would call reliable or convincing, there are a few titles that are worth discussing.
Potential spoiler warning!

Aren’t Canadians Too Kind?

A handful of titles were listed, which cover almost all major platforms except PC. The listings have since been removed, but hey. What’s been on the internet, stays on the internet. Below is a screenshot, taken by Twitter user @Wario64. As you may notice, none of the unconfirmed titles have legitimate box art and is instead filled with a generical font title.  It may be a little difficult to look at, so I’ll mention a few highlights of this list.

The Abundance of Xbox Games

Last month, head of Xbox Phil Spencer mentioned the importance of first-party games in keeping their costumers happy. He tweeted out in response to Ryan McCaffrey (IGN):
Xbox exclusives being listed in this leak do fall in line with Phil Spencer’s tweets. That being said, “Forza Horizons 5” (bottom right) is not really helping with the credibility of this set of pre-orders. For one, the latest in the Forza Horizon series is Forza Horizon 3 and for two, the ‘Horizon” in the title is singular. “Gears of War 5” however, seems appropriate. The gap between Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 on the Xbox 360 was three years. Gears of War 4 only came out five years later, but the console jump makes it reasonable. What’s not on the list is a long-awaited Halo sequel. Despite receiving positive reception, many fans expressed their letdown regarding the single-player campaign.
Xbox also plans to double down on their work with Japanese studios. Xbox players often express their dismay at the lack of JRPG and Japanese titles. “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” is listed here as an Xbox game, despite only have been announced for PlayStation 4. Is a vague, indirect statement by Xbox enough to convince us that the long-awaited remake is coming to the Western-focused platform? Not in the slightest without any official statements. However, with Kingdom Hearts finally coming to Xbox, it isn’t impossible that the big-budget remake will be going multi-plat. Speaking of JRPGs, Dragon Quest 2 is also listed for the Xbox. Is the 1987 title also getting a remake? Probably not. Signs are pointing more towards a sequel to the DQ Builders spin-off.

Sequels and Confirmed Titles

Just Cause 3 opened up to mixed to positive reception by critics mainly due to its performance issues. That, however, didn’t stop a majority of players from enjoying the game. A sequel to this doesn’t sound impossible, as a lot of fun features from the third game can be improved upon and demand is still there. A new installment of the Lego game franchise, “Lego DC Villains” is also likely considering the commercial success of Suicide Squad in both the cinematic and animated DC universe. Characters such as The Joker and Harley Quinn have gained lots of traction in recent years, and it’d be reasonable of Lego to try and cash in on this.
The annual EA and 2K games are listed for pre-order, which is really no surprise. The lack of Activision’s Black Ops 4 (or IIII) does make some sense as there is a lot of controversy regarding the development progress of the game. The Division 2 has already been confirmed for development by publisher Ubisoft, as well as other titles such as Borderlands 3 and Ps4-exclusive Dreams.


Just how credible is this leak? If we’re going to go by deduction alone, I’d say maybe 35%? Blank box-art with generic font titles really aren’t selling it for me. The fact that I’m going on screenshots alone further agitates me. I can’t pry into the details like publishers, release dates, who it was posted- who posted this?! Is he getting fired?
Rage has made a verified Twitter account and called out Walmart Canada for the leak.

Bethesda, the publisher of the original game follows this account so I’m 70% sure the account is legit.

Is it a reference to Don Cheadle’s reaction to Mark Ruffalo spoiling Infinity War?
Personally, I’m just waiting for E3 like a little child to be excited about all the new games I’m never going to buy because I’m a broke ass adult paying bills.

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