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by Sammy Chan
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If you’re a fan of exploring a post-societal world, then make sure to pick up this free game! From the Art Director and a veteran team that made BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and the Rock Band series, this is more than just pretty graphics. You can pick up The Flame In The Flood free off of Humble Bundle right here.

What is The Flame in the Flood?


Image via The Molasses Flood

Embark on a perilous and challenging journey as Scout with your loyal canine Aesop in a low-poly world. Paired with stunning graphics and audio, the game is ultimately a survival game. You have to help Scout survive by finding resources to both feed and build. The game focus on your journey through dangerous backwater. You’ll be doing lots of rafting and lots of surviving.
This game, though, is hard and challenging. But, it becomes enjoyable once you figure the game out. There’s a chance that you might take awhile to get acquainted with the mechanic. So, expect a bunch of restarts! At the end of it all, it’s a free game and you’ve got nothing to lose so remember to grab it before the offer ends.


Steam – Mostly Positive (1, 417)

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