Blizzard loot boxes disabled in Belgium to comply with new EU law

by Sammy Chan
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Blizzard loot boxes have always been the way to obtain your gear in games especially if you play Overwatch. Just months ago, the Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC) managed to get the Belgian Ministry of Justice’s decision in the case of loot box being considered as gambling. They have decided that loot boxes are not acceptable and should not be in their games.
Belgium has now put out a ban disallowing players from obtaining Blizzard loot boxes through premium currency within their games. Yes, this means that as players you can unlock all the in-game content without spending a single dime. This, however, does not bode well with the companies as Blizzard’s community manager released a statement in their forums.

Screenshot via Blizzard Forum

Video games cannot have microtransaction in Belgium

2K Games is also affected by this change as they had to disable their loot boxes (dubbed MyTeam packs). The laws set by the Belgian government forced 2K games to make some local changes to the MyTeam mode. The NBA 2K18 MyTeam mode is a digital trading card game in which players need to buy booster packs to get MyTeam cards. The players will then use these cards to create their dream team comprised of real players. It’s somewhat similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode for those who are clueless about the game mode.

Screenshot via 2k Games Website

Players love loot boxes. What about you?

This is not really a favorable situation for both companies and as you can see in their statements they are still trying their best to fix this. Players being unable to purchase their loot boxes or packs limit their “entertainment experience” according to Blizzard.  Despite all these controversies, players still spend quite a hefty sum of money in microtransactions within the games. EA reportedly gained $787 million from their “live services”. If a company that is so hated within the United States itself can get that amount of money then undoubtedly, others can get more than that.

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