What can you buy in Blade & Soul using NCsoft NCoin?

by Raymond Foo
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So you find yourself into Blade & Soul, and then you come to realise that there’s so much more to the game. We’re talking about valuable vanity items, costumes, mounts, and even experience boosts. But how do you get them? More importantly, “what” do you use to get them? Here, we’ll show you how!

Rise, Strike, and Avenge with Blade & Soul

If Blade & Soul sounds foreign to you, fret not. Let us take you through a bite-sized explanation of the game. It’s a tale of revenge that unravels across a breathtaking world where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and betrayal.

If you’re confused, it’s a Korean MMORPG game developed by NCsoft. It features a highly customizable character system, classes, and races based on the four chinese symbols: the Gon, the Jin, the Yun, and the Lyn. Blade & Soul also features an open world environment, and utilises a real-time battle system which requires players to form “combos”, similar to fighting games, but with a focus on martial arts inspired combat.

What can you buy in Blade & Soul?

Being an open world MMORPG title, Blade & Soul obviously features a smorgasbord of in game items which can be purchased using a currency called NCoin. What can you buy though? Well, if you’re a beginner, then there’s the Starter Pack. Reason being; the Starter Pack gives you a premium for about a week so you can buy almost all your “HM” skills for a discount, starting you off with a boost. Other than the Starter Pack, there’s also the Duelist Bundle and Mastery Bundle.

How to get NCoins?

Before we get started, what is an NCoin? Well, NCoin is the virtual currency for NCSOFT US and EU games including Blade & Soul, AION, Lineage II and Wildstar. You can get your Ncoins from SEAGM. Just choose a denomination, check out and you will receive your “Redemption Code”. 

For those who live in South Korea, great news! SEAGM has introduced three new payment gateways on top of its current options:

  • SAMSUNG pay
  • Bank Redirect

Once you’ve done purchasing a code, all that’s left now is to redeem it:

Firstly, login to your NCSoft account and select Apply a Code.

Secondly, at Enter Your Serial Code textbox, enter your NCSOFT NCoin code and click Activate.

Third, click Apply when you see the code in the Ncoin tab.

Finally, if your card code is eligible for a bonus item, you will now be asked to select it. To see the options available to you, you may browse the rewards section below.

And there you have it! It’s easy right? So, what will YOU be using your NCoins on? 

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