Attack on Titan is Garena Free Fire’s next collaboration

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By now, the word “collaborations” is no stranger when it comes to Garena Free Fire. They had Christiano Ronaldo as Chronos, One Punch Man, AND NOW a Free Fire Attack on Titan collaboration. Never heard of Attack of Titan? Relax, let us give you a crash course.

Attack On Titan

Let’s cut to the chase; Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin) is one of the best selling Japanese  manga series of all time. It’s also an anime series, cementing its presence even more. It’s set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by enormous walls for protection against gigantic man-eating Titans. But going up against the enemy is Eren Yeager (the protagonist) who vows to rid of the titans with his own ability to turn into one.


News on the collaboration broke on the 4th of February, the same day update OB26 was released. Not much has been said on the crossover event, but expect the usual: 

  • Event exclusive skins
  • Fresh Gun Cosmetics.
  • Possible In Game Themed Events

Given the nature of a collaboration like Free Fire x Attack on Titan, above all what we’re really excited to see is giant titans taking over on the maps, right? That would be pretty awesome. But for now, only time will tell. However we don’t have to wait long as the collaboration is set to drop in March 2021.

Meanwhile, why not prepare beforehand with some cheap Garena Free Fire Diamonds? Or check out this upcoming Free Fire Movie:

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