Six Months After Release, Apex Mobile is Still My Favorite FPS Phone Game

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Apex Legends Mobile is quite possibly the best mobile FPS shooter game that you can play on your phone as of today. It’s been over six months since it’s release in May 2022 and there isn’t any other FPS game that quite rivals it as of yet. Battlefield Mobile’s beta wasn’t up to par despite it’s large scale. Long-standing king PUBG Mobile also failed to rejuvenate its META last year. Therefore despite an amazing  year for collaborations and cosmetics, it was mostly same old same old for the former king of mobile FPS.

It’s not to say Apex Legends: Mobile is perfect. It has a number of issues as well, such as delays in content and a fairly high spec requirement among other things that we’ll get into later. Despite these issues however, Apex Legends Mobile still manages to provide a fun, if not one of the best on-the-go FPS game experiences.

1. Core Gameplay of the Best Mobile FPS Game

Apex Legends Mobile's biggest strength is that it rips directly from one of the top Battle Royale games of all time; Apex Legends. Apex Legends is regularly in the top ten most concurrently played Steam games simply because its core gameplay is excellent. A variety of guns, effective attachments, well-designed maps, and most importantly unique hero abilities make for intense, interesting matches to both play and watch.

Additionally, Apex Legends Mobile hits that sweet spot of 15-20 minute gaming per match. While still a considerable amount of dedication, it's far more ideal for a mobile experience in comparison to the 30-45 minute averages of competitors. To add to that, each game in Apex Legends Mobile is decently paced, with rings closing in faster, more objectives such as beacons and care package drops, and more map interaction such as vaults, ziplines, and jump towers.

2. Grindable and Affordable Content

Like any free-to-play game, Apex Legends Mobile also has monetization. Thankfully, the paid practices in Apex Legends Mobile is fairly affordable and does not tamper with the experience should someone opt to be completely F2P. No gameplay mechanic is locked behind a paywall, however players will need to either purchase or wait for a rerun for previous characters. In terms of obtaining new characters, players will need to grind out respective FREE Battle Passes to Tier 25 over the period of a 4-5 weeks, which is fairly attainable.

Apex Legends Mobile also has free cosmetics that players can earn by as little as logging in and as much as taking part in events. The quality of these skins varies but there are plenty of stylish free skins for players to earn. Apex Legends Mobile also has a lootbox system that takes after the main game, and generously gives them to players throughout their playthrough. The free reward track in the battle pass also gives out weapon and hero skins, giving stronger incentives to play the game.

3. (Ir)Regular Content Updates

Unfortunately, Apex Legends Mobile is going through a questionably rough patch with its content updates. Its current Season 3.5 "Underworld" battle pass centering around the Legend "Revenant" will now end on February 15th. The Season 3.5 battle pass "Underworld" initially went live late November 2022, making it the longest battle pass in Apex Legends Mobile to date. For reference, Apex Mobile Battle Passes supposedly only last six weeks.

Nevertheless, Apex Legends Mobile once received a regular amount of updates that kept players content with new game modes, LTEs, and free Seasonal Currency for players to unlock exclusive skins and cosmetics. Perhaps after February 15th, we will see regularly scheduled content once again.

There are a few Gacha skins in the game, but the pity system isn't as terrible as PUBG Mobile, where players can spend upwards of RM2,000 to guarantee a premium-tier skin. Apex Legends premium currency, Syndicate Gold, however, is slightly pricier when in comparison to PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash. You can compare the prices on SEAGM.

4. Exclusive from Apex Legends PC

Apex Legends Mobile has several pieces of content that is exclusive to the Mobile port of the game. Ranging from cosmetics to playable characters to game modes, there is a strong reason to play Apex Legends Mobile as well as Apex Legends PC instead of just the one.

Apex Legends Mobile Exclusive Game Modes:

  1. TDM Base Respawn
  2. Gun Game
  3. Supply Standoff
  4. Sure Shot

Exclusive Maps:

  1. Pythas Block 0

Exclusive Heroes:

  1. Fade
  2. Rhapsody

as well as a huge number of premium, top tier "Emporium" skins.

Currently, Apex Legends Mobile does not as many skins as Apex Legends. Despite so, there is definitely a number of high quality "emporium" skins on the market.

Hopefully, by the end of this 700+ word essay, you'll give Apex Legends Mobile, or rather, the best mobile FPS game a shot. For SEAGM and gaming updates, follow us on SEAGM News.

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