Tower of Fantasy | New Simulacra ALYSS Arrives to in v2.3 Update

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Hotta Studio is teasing their latest Simulacrum, Alyss, for the upcoming 2.3 update in Tower of Fantasy, or TOF. Along with the new simulacrum, Tower of Fantasy will be celebrating its six month anniversary with exciting rewards and opportunities for players. 

Who Is Alyss, the New Simulacrum for ToF?

Alyss is an upcoming Frost character simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy. Her attacks mainly derive from her kicks that almost function as swords given their slash animations. She is under the command of captain Saki Fuwa, another Frost character from Tower of Fantasy.

Codenamed M-sec 2000, “Alyss” is a new Special Forces agent who stands out across the Security Force. Though she has a natural talent for combat, she trains vigorously, always striving to be better than her colleagues. Following her outstanding simulation results, she is now to take part in the Security Force’s high-level missions.

Tower of Fantasy Estimated Upcoming Banners

There are no confirmations as of now, but it is rumored that we can expect newer Simulacra to be Umi and Fenrir after Alyss.

upcoming tower of fantasy banners

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Alyss Appearance – ToF Frost Simulacrum

Alyss’ 1-star base appearance sports an elegant white suit akin to a figure skater. As you obtain her copies her 3-star appearance alters her colors to black like a black swan. Elegance dominates her personality, move set, and gestures. Alyss is a frost type with a distinctive foot-blade weapon. Additionally, she can also transform herself into a fairy for infiltration.

Tower of Fantasy Tanium Purchase Bonus Reset

In celebration of its six month anniversary, Tower of Fantasy will provide players with an Initial Top-Up Bonus Reset after the Version 2.3 update. This will let players receive a double bonus upon the first top-up. Players can also participate in the official Crowd Creation Project and submit their creations to win exclusive in-game rewards. The best way to enjoy these bonuses are with SEAGM, as they offer the CHEAPEST rates in the market. 

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