Get To Class! – Academia: School Simulator Early Access Review

by Sammy Chan
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Academia: School Simulator is a project by Squeaky Wheel, an indie game development company based in the Philipines. The company was co-founded by Ryan Sumo, who is also the game artist for Prison Architect. In Academia: School Simulator, you get to design, build and run your own school!


The early access to the game launched last week on September 8. After clocking about 6 hours on it, I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in the game, completing every single grant. Before you get to the nitty-gritty of designing layout and construction, you first need to name your school. You’ll get to name it, set a motto and then pick out the emblem. Once you’ve done that, the game takes you into a big, grid-like map and that’s where you begin construction.
However, that’s not the only thing you’ll do. The other part of the game comes in the form of management. Hire your staff, build facilities and make sure your kids get passing grades by the end of the semester! Subsequently, there are few features of the game that I enjoy throughout my playthrough and you hear all about it in the video of the gameplay right below!


As mentioned, the game just launched on early access so expect bugs and a lack of features, for now. But, this game shows a lot of potentials, and will definitely have more features at launch. However, the launch isn’t for at least a year or more. As of future features, the devs are hoping to add more detailed features such as:

  • Deeper and more complex staff and students
  • Research tree and/or school specialization
  • Subject scheduling
  • Varsity sports
  • Truancy, delinquency, bullying, and other serious issues that schools deal with
  • School Prestige, and competing with others for the “Best School”
  • Setting school policies
  • Weather, random events and disasters
  • Mod support

In conclusion, get the game if you want to support its development. The more people that support it, the faster it gets to grow and that means we’ll get all these features sooner! Otherwise, hold on for a little bit and wait for more features to be implemented before adding it to your library. If you’re keen on keeping up to date with the game’s development, follow the devs on Twitter here. Check out this month’s game releases!

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