8 Free Games You Should Try Playing

by Sammy Chan

With the on-going Steam Summer Sales, it’s no surprise if you’re already burning a hole in your wallet so, we decided to put together a list of absolutely free games you can check out.  Since Free to Play MOBAs are generally known, we’ll just feature them at the bottom. Here are 8 free games you can play either on your own or with friends:

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Steam rating: Overwhelmingly Positive (16,847 reviews)

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the initial Alien Swarm, the developers decided to expand the game. Reactive Drop brings you more of everything! Aliens, maps, game modes, guns and a fully supported Steam Workshop. The game itself is a top-down shooter in which you battle swarms of aliens with your friends. There’s a single player mode if you want to just shoot aliens on your own but you can also play co-op with up to 8 friends.


Steam rating: Very Positive (47, 186 reviews)

Brawlhalla, as the name suggest, is an epic platform fighter game for up to 8 players online or locally. With varying game modes that caters to both competitive and casual players, Brawlhalla has been garnering a rather big community. You can either queue for ranked matches or just join a casual free-for-alls. The game also gives you the option to make custom room to brawl with your friends only. Brawl for glory in the halls of Valhalla with over thirty unique legends!

Blacklight: Retribution

Steam rating: Mostly Positive (15, 423 reviews)
A free-to-play FPS with a futuristic touch. Dress up in mechanised Hardsuits, customise your weapons and prepare to dominate your opponent. In Blacklight, work on balancing your load out with extreme customisation (you can design your own firearms). The game offers no single player experience, however, and solely focuses on multiplayer experience.

Killer Instinct

Steam rating: N/A

Currently, this game is a Windows Store exclusive but a Steam release has been announced for later this year. Killer Instinct is a one on one fighting game that gives you a feel of Tekken and the likes. As far as free games go, Killer Instinct carries itself pretty well. With a big selection of characters, the game goes by a season format and new characters are added every season. Check out this game if you enjoy Mortal Combat and Tekken.

Let it Die

PlayStation Store rating: 4/5 (8, 031 reviews)
Fight through a treacherous tower under the supervision of a skateboarding grim reaper called Uncle Death. Yes. Uncle Death. First of all, I’ve got bad news for PC gamers because this game is currently a PlayStation Exclusive. There’s no rumours or talks about a PC version but hey, one can always hope! Initially, this game felt like a satire/humorous version of a Souls game. The quick weapon swapping, item usage and game progression felt similar to that of a Souls game but the execution is definitely different and unique. “Death data” makes the game unique as it generates upon death of a player. This data then gets circulated to other player’s games in the form of a formidable opponent. I recommend this game if you’re a masochist who enjoys pain and suffering đŸ˜›


Steam rating: Mostly Positive (49,753 reviews)
Trove is essentially what you would get if you smash MMO and Minecraft together. Explore dungeons, build homes and experience the infinite realms with a wide range of classes. Like any other free to play MMOs, I suggest that you jump in, explore the world and have fun but don’t get tempted by all that micro-transaction stuff.


Steam rating: Very Positive (271, 927 reviews)
Survive in the zombie infested ruins of society with your friends or on your own! Unturned is another game featuring voxel-like graphic but do not let the cute graphics fool you! First of all, do note that the game’s main feature is PVP so be ready when you’re jumping in and don’t be surprised when you get blown up. If that’s not your cup of tea, you could try the single player mode where it’s you and the zombies. The single player mode provides you with quests to rebuild society with the the help of your friends and some friendly NPCs. Build massive fortresses and fend off bandits in PVP modes where players kill each other for gears! Unturned is a game that caters to both casual and competitive players alike, give it a go if you enjoy survival-zombie games.


Steam rating: Very Positive (131, 009 reviews)

In this game, you play as the Tenno. They are the warriors of blade and gun, master of Warframe armor. Fight other races in space such as the Grineers and the Infested in this graphically stunning first-person action game. Go into missions on your own or co-op with your friends. The game itself has been going steady for years (since 2013) and is still receiving updates, the community is quite active too. Pilot different Warframes and master the weapon of your choice, cutting down enemies in your way while jumping around like Spider-man. Heck, you can even incubate and grow a war dog or feline. Still not convinced? Let me try selling you this game in two words: space ninjas.

Bonus mentions

If you’re still looking for more free games to check out, look forward to Gigantic coming out this month on the 24th. Based on how it looks in the trailer, I’m calling it Disney Overwatch but it does look compelling so I’ll definitely check it out. There’s also MOBAs like League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite and Paragon you can check out if you’re into that genre whereas Paladin offers an experience quite similar to Overwatch. In terms of strategy card game, there’s always Hearthstone but do give Gwent: The Witcher Card Game a go if you liked playing it in Witcher III.
All the games mentioned are absolute free-to-play but as usual, features micro transaction. Check out our list of 10 games you must buy if you’re looking to spend during the sales.

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Sandviches9000 03/07/2017 - 5:57 pm

Feels good when you own several of these games.

woooglet 04/07/2017 - 7:26 am

Ooh have you tried Iron Snout ?

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