Yoodo Gank withdraws from the Razer SEA-Invitational 2020 PUBG Mobile Event

by Raymond Foo
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As announced by the Malaysian Esports Federation yesterday, Yoodo Gank has withdrawn from the Razer SEA-Invitational 2020 PUBG Mobile Event. The event started on the 27th of June, and is scheduled to run until the 5th July. 

Who are Yoodo Gank?

Yoodo Gank is a Malaysian PUBG Mobile professional esports team. Current members in the squad are Abdul Azim Ikromi Bin Abdul Rashid (FKA Draxx) as a Sniper, Aiman Amirul Bin Mohd Sahid (FKA as Manparang) as a Support unit, Muhammad Izzrudin Bin Hashim (FKA Jumper) as a Scout, and Ahmad Fuad Bin Razali (FKA Fredo) as a Fragger. The team also consists of Agus Amran (FKA Hahagus) as their coach, manager Kevin Wong (Kevo), and sponsored by SEAGM. 

Why did Yoodo Gank withdraw?

As per the announcement made by the Malaysian Esports Federation yesterday (28th June 2020);

Source: Malaysia Esports Federation Facebook page

The referees reasoning, and decision making process (to remake round 1 of the PUBG Mobile preliminary) displeased the team. With that, the team decided not to continue.

Razer SEA-Invitiational rules and regulations 

In addition to Yoodo Gank withdrawing, the Razer SEA-Invitational 2020 also featured a ranking system which is determined by the aggregate score of both teams from the same country (in this case, Yoodo Gank and AROV Esports, both representing Malaysia). This indirectly meant that both teams would have to team up to secure the best score possible.

However, both teams decided not to do so, as both teams are also preparing independently as a 4-man team for the upcoming PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020.


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