Two Xbox One Models to Cease Production

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Xbox One discontinue production
The Xbox One X pioneered the 4K console gaming scene

Two Xbox One Models to Cease Production in Near Future

With the upcoming console generation to make its debut later this year, Microsoft is pulling the plug on two of its console models. The Xbox One X as well as the Xbox One S All-Digital version are set to discontinue production. Microsoft has stated that interested parties can “check with their local retailers for more details on Xbox One hardware availability.” Here’s all you need to know about the two Xbox One models to cease production.

Microsoft made a statement to IGN regarding the decision. With Xbox Game Pass currently housing 10 million members, and Project xCloud being tested in 15 countries, Xbox is determined to continue putting “the players at the center of the Xbox experience”. The statement also highlights pushing work and effort to the Xbox Series X.

The standard Xbox One S is still in production and available for purchase globally.

The Future of Xbox

The Xbox One had a rough launch in 2013. Many factors contributed to this. An expensive launch price, unwanted mandatory peripherals and awkward restrictions on playing used games enraged many of its 360 fan base. Of course, this made many gamers lose faith in Microsoft. Additionally, Sony gained a massive competitive advantage.

Phil Spencer took over as Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft in 2014. He started making many pro-consumer decisions, delighting many. Lowering the console price, lifting the awkward restrictions, and introducing backwards compatibility were all notable steps into pro-consumerism. Xbox’s image and reputation drastically improved under Phil’s leadership. For that reason, the Xbox Series X is on many gamers’ watchlist, and many are hopeful, if not confident, that it will do well.

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