Xbox Games Showcase: Our Favorite Announcements

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The Xbox Games Showcase was a spectacle of a show, with huge game announcements, to compelling gameplay footage. It was difficult to pick and sum it all up, but here’s our favorite picks from the Xbox Games Showcase.

Xbox Games Showcase: Top Picks

Halo: Infinite

The iconic Master Chief is back; this time, in full 4k, ray-traced and at a crisp 60 frames per second. It’s time to save your home by taking the fight to the enemy. The short-but-sweet demo gave us a first-hand look at alien life forms demolished with a variety of weapons. Shoot enemies at different

Relentless fast paced combat, all running at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second, and it’s available this Holiday 2020 on Series X, One, and Windows PC.

The next game on our list is also conveniently the next game shown during the presentation. State of Decay 3 showed us a beautifully rendered trailer set in a snowed-in forest. It’s predecessors may not have had the highest ratings, but were definitely a blast to play with friends. It’ll be a treat to revisit the chaotic co-op zombie survival formula under the power of the Series X.


Riddled with fantasy and a mysterious aura, with amazing and unique creatures in beautiful, captivating nature, this cel-shaded title shows that not every game needs to look realistic to be taken seriously.

Explore the theme of eternity and life. Everwild releases on Series X and PC.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The luminous charm of Ori sheds cool yet intense light to its dark surroundings. What better way to explore the gorgeous multi-layered environments than on the Series X? Now upgraded to run in full 4k with HDR-enabled at 120 fps. Additionally, audio will also be getting an immersive upgrade. With smart delivery enabled, revisit the fantasy of Ori and experience an old tale in a new light.


To begin with a humorous jab at Cyberpunk 2077, Grounded’s trailer is nothing short of witty and charming. You alongside your peers are miniaturized and need to survive against the hordes of insects and garden wildlife that are now dozens of times your size. Specifically, Grounded hopes to continue Obsidian’s immersive and trademark story telling through the survival game genre, and I for one, am excited to play a fresh new IP.

Psychonauts 2

With a soundtrack boasting the vocals of none other than Jablinski Games, the iconic art style is brought to life in a colorful world for you to traverse. Engaging in combat with a colorful cast of enemies is satisfying. Take part in fun and engaging platforming in a world that seems to be painted by someone that… is under medication? Psychonauts 2 releases on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.


Finally, Fable. What more is there to say? It’s FABLE! Even if it did not pioneer the “freedom of choice” aspect in gaming, it perfected it. Be whoever you want to be, and make whatever choices you want. But of course, face reasonable consequences after. Fable is a franchise that does what it does well, and it is adored by its player base. We can’t wait to see it out after the franchise’s long ten year hiatus.

And that’s it for our favorite Xbox Games Showcase announcements! What were some of yours? Leave your top picks in the comments below, and why not check out if there are some sweet deals on Xbox Live gift cards while you’re at it? :^)

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