Why you should pull for Mika – Is he Worth it ?

by Yong Chi Winn
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Why you should pull for Mika, is he really worth it? Mika, the new 4-star Cryo character in Genshin Impact version 3.5, has become the talk of the town. In this article, we will discuss the usefulness of Mika and why you should consider pulling for him.


Mika is best suited for use as a dedicated support character. His damage values are low, making him better used as a support than as a DPS. He can provide healing buffs to characters like Eula, who make great physical damage. Mika is a Cryo Polearm user who can support and provide healing to other players, making him a great asset in the game.

Is Mika worth it

Make your DPS OP

Mika’s active talent and passive talent are reasons to pull for him. His active talent boosts skill damage, while his passive talent grants an attack speed buff, increasing the detector stack maximum. This buff benefits characters like Yoimiya and Ayato who rely on normal attacks. Eula will also benefit from Mika’s talent ‘Suppressive Barrage,’ increasing physical attacks by 10%. Stacks increase when hitting more than one enemy.

Based on the image, Mika increased Eula’s attack speed and physical damage. It’s clear that with the appropriate team composition, you can achieve higher and faster damage with Yunjin as well.

Why you should pull for Mika

Yoimiya and Mika are also excellent choices, as Yoimiya has one of the fastest normal attack speeds among bow users, making it easier to defeat bosses in the game.

Easy to build

Besides, Mika is easy to build since a high critical rate and damage aren’t necessary. Prioritize HP as the main stat for artifacts to maximize healing. Follow up with sub-stats energy recharge so Mika can act as a battery for your DPS. Given high energy recharge, you can spam Eula’s burst. The best artifact set is Noblesse Oblige. It increases Elemental Burst DMG by 20% and party members’ ATK by 20%. You can also opt for a 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate and a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige.

F2P friendly

Most importantly, Mika is F2P friendly since he’s easy to build and doesn’t cost much. For a superb healer, get a Black Tassel polearm. It’s easy to obtain since it’s a 3-star weapon. You can also use other 4-star weapons like Favonius Lance and Prototype Starglitter. Both provide a considerable amount of energy recharge. High constellations on Mika aren’t necessary unless you want to go for C6 for top-tier Eula physical damage. At C6, Mika will give 60% more physical Crit Damage, best for Eula and Razor.

Is he worth it?

Overall, Mika is a great support character that can help increase the team’s survivability in battle without dealing too much damage himself. If you’re looking for a character who can regenerate HP and help your active characters in battle, Mika is definitely worth it. With his unique ability to increase a party’s speed output, Mika is the perfect damage buffer for any Physical DPS character. So why not give him a try and pull for him today?

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