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by Sammy Chan
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Let’s start with the obvious – there are dozens of Battle Royale games you can play right now. Some of them are simple, others are unpolished, and then there’s Fortnite. Why should you play Fortnite? Why is this so popular? I’ll break down a few key points why the game is at the top of its genre in this Fortnite review.
Before Fortnite was released, Battle Royale games were played on a “flavor of the month” basis, whether it was The Culling, DayZ, H1Z1, PUBG and so on. But then came Fortnite.
Fortnite is the type of game that even if you don’t play it yourself, you know about it, whether it’s from your friends, Twitch, YouTube or even the newspaper. This is a title that managed to stand out quite a lot due to its cartoony approach to the genre, which was previously defined by other similar games as an apocalyptic, survival and somewhat a bit depressing genre.
However, unlike them, Fortnite really stands out from the very get-go. Despite its core gameplay being the same as any other Battle Royale game, it no longer looks grim. And, at the same time, it also has a lot of advantages that make it maybe one of the best titles in the genre at this particular time. So, should you play Fortnite or not? And if the answer is yes, let’s see why!

It’s free to play

Although Fortnite’s PvE campaign needs to be purchased, its Battle Royale mode – which is its most popular mode, and the one I mentioned above in regards to hearing about it – is completely FREE!
This is awesome, as it allows you to give it a try even if you end up not playing it, nor will you have any regrets about losing your money should Fortnite not be your cup of tea.
On top of this, should you end up loving Fortnite, you can easily lure your friends in it and play together since once again, its Battle Royale mode is completely free!

It’s very polished

Battle Royale games are mostly available in Early Access, and there’s a reason for that. Most of them lack polish, and they end up being a cash grab. However, Fortnite is not like that. Its developer, Epic Games, built the Battle Royale side of the game on Fortnite’s Save the World side, which was already a released game, albeit in a BETA form.
Fortnite runs very well and it did so even from the beginning, so it’s easy to see why people are willing to deal with the cartoony graphics (or even prefer it) when the game is very polished and easy to play.

You get to build stuff

Most Battle Royale games are somewhat the same. You drop in a region, the countdown begins, the area shrinks and you have to kill everyone fast.

fortnite review

Image via Fortnite

Fortnite, however, stands out because it also has a building component. You can create a small building or just put together a few walls for cover. The building process blends together with the game’s strategic approach towards Battle Royale and it makes the gameplay a whole lot more meaningful.
Whether you need a shelter to protect yourself while you’re healing or simply try to reach a certain position on top of a hill with the help of the stairs you’ll build, this is an amazing addition to the Battle Royale genre, which Fortnite really implemented well.

A very large map

The Fortnite map is one of the largest Battle Royale maps in the genre. Anpart from that, it also looks quite nice too graphic-wise.
The best part for a lot of people is that they are constantly adding new stuff, which makes the game a lot more interesting and fun every time that you play.
More so, along with its large map, Fortnite also allows you to gather resources that you’ll be using as part of the gameplay, whether it’s wood for quick builds, such as the stairs we spoke about earlier, or stone and metal for a more secured fort.

fortnite review

Image via Fortnite

On top of this, another awesome feature that comes with the map size is that there are plenty loot chests for you to find and open! The map plays a part in this because although most players know about trying to land in the Tilted Towers in order to secure the best loot, you can also take a detour and aim for the Snobby Shores, where the chests are just as good, but has way fewer players fighting over them.

There’s no pay to win

This is very important. There are games out there where you can buy things that can help you against other players. Sometimes, it even gives you certain advantages. Not in Fortnite though, which is a great plus!
Yes, there are microtransactions, but since Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is free to play, its developers also need to monetize this, as they do have their fair share of expenses given the insane amount of players.
The good thing here is that you never have to pay for anything that will alter the gameplay. All you can buy are cosmetics. Even the Battle Pass will offer you access to various exclusive cosmetics. This means nothing affects the gameplay. No player gets an advantage over you, regardless of how much money they have!
However, if you do end up playing Fortnite, do remember that it’s a pretty competitive game, and while Epic Games encourages this, they, however, really dislike any type of cheating or account sharing or anything like that which is against the rules. That’s also because the game doesn’t have a pay to win system. You shouldn’t try to find alternatives to that. It will lead to getting your account and even computer (hardware) banned.
If, however, you do end up banned out of the blue, be it an account issue or simply HWID ban after attending a LAN event or such, you can always check out a service, in order to try and get unbanned from Fortnite.

Playable on mobile

Although we’ve mentioned this before, such an awesome feature made its way here as well.
Being able to play Fortnite on mobile is really a great plus. Especially, if you do end up enjoying the game. As long as you’re connected to the internet, it’s accessible anywhere you go.

fortnite review

Image via Fortnite

So, while you still might prefer a mouse and keyboard instead, playing it on mobile definitely beats not playing it at all. Plus, it’s a lot less trouble in comparison to carrying your laptop around.

Great gameplay

Last but not least, and maybe the best part about Fortnite, is that it has a solid gameplay! The building component makes it even better for people that want to try out new strategies and adapt.
The game requires quick thinking and it’s super intense too, so you should totally check it out. It’s a hugely addictive game too.

Conclusion to the Fortnite review

So, all in all, although other Battle Royale games do their best to try and keep up with Fortnite, the chances of dethroning it (even as the most played current game on Twitch) are really small, at least for the time being.
More so, if you’re a fan of this genre or simply an avid gamer, this is a must-play game. Try it so you can at least make your own opinion about it. This will perhaps satisfy your curiosity as to its extreme popularity.

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