What’s new in PUBG M Season 10?

by Sammy Chan
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Earlier this morning, the release date of the new season of PUBG M got an official confirmation. Confirming via a tweet at 9AM, the new PUBG M Season 10 now has a release date. The new PUBG M Season 10 will begin this Saturday on November 9, 2019. Let’s check out what’s new with Season 9 ending!

“Fury of the Wasteland”

Season 10 will feature a wasteland theme. If you’re a Mad Max fan, you’re in for a treat as this season is a reminiscent of that setting! A big shout out to Mr. GHOST GAMING for sharing the leak!

A look at the Season 10 Royale Pass screen (Source: Mr. GHOST GAMING)

As always, we’d like to take this moment to remind you to get your UC before the new season! If you want to avoid hours of waiting for your UC to receive your UC, do get your Season Pass upgrade now.

Important Note: Orders typically take longer to fulfill on first day of new season since we get an influx or customers.

PUBG M Season 10 Elite Pass Plus Rewards

The Elite Royale Pass will cost 600 UC whereas the Elite Plus is the usual 1800 UC. Here’s what you can expect to get from this new season:

Lava Beret Set
Magnetic Soldier Set
Unknown set but it’s from RP
Another nameless set, also RP Reward

Besides costumes, there’s also a new parachute skin and a new M249 skin. They are all desert and wasteland themed. This new season will also introduce a new weapon called the MP5K. Even though it has been around on the PC version, it’ll be its first introduction to the mobile version of the game. It’s an SMG and consumes 9mm bullets. You can mod it with a stock, mag, sight and grip.

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Finally, we’ll be getting a new map called The Ruins in the Team Death Match mode. Vikendi is getting Zima – a brand new exclusive vehicle exclusive to this map only. Zima provides better traction, making it easier to drive in snow.

Other than that, you’ll also get the usual sets of new emotes and rank up frames, you can check them out on Mr. GHOST GAMING’s channel. Be sure to top up before November 9 to avoid long waits for your UC! By the way, that’s US timezone. If you’re living in East Asia, it’ll be on November 10 instead.

Oh and, even though the new season is starting before November 11, you can always come back after that to get more UC for a chance to win a full set of Razer Gaming Gear worth $500! Find out more here.

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