What you need to know about Eversoul – Brief Eversoul Review

by Aoi Hikari
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What you need to know about Eversoul

If you are a fan of animes and like beautiful waifus, Eversoul is one of the best games for you to play. Eversoul is a gacha idle role-playing game from Kakao Games released globally on 5th January. The game is full of beautiful and mesmerizing characters with its unique design. The game offers unique gameplay and it’s available on iOS and Android platforms.


Overview and Lore

What you need to know about Eversoul is that the story and lore are very interesting. Imagine you just woke up and are surrounded by beautiful waifus. No joke, Eversoul is a game where you must dedicate yourself to raising souls. Eden, the paradise of Souls, is a world where Souls live with beautiful and eye-catching looks. On your first journey, you will meet Mephistopheles who will assist and guide you in battling enemies. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ with the power of a Soul Master you are responsible for saving Eden.

Mephistopheles is an artificial Soul born to control the Ark Metatron. Moreover, you will meet Yuria, the Queen of the Kingdom of Solrey. Furthermore, Rose, Linzy, and Chloe will be your first companions in fighting enemies that appeared in the kingdom. Honestly, the looks of your companion are very dope including their superb attack animation. Without a doubt, you will probably meet more beautiful Souls as you embark on your journey in Eden.

Eversoul overview


As for the combat system, it is quite special if you used to play games like Ninja Saga on Facebook because it’s a turn-based game. However, it is poles apart from other similar games because you will find yourself strategizing and planning your Soul in the right spot to win a battle. Furthermore, you need to time your skill activations to deal powerful damage to the enemy. In addition to that, there is also a “Love System” that allows players to develop feelings for their favourite characters. 

In contrast, compared to other idle gacha games the graphics and movement of the characters are so fluid and smooth. To add, you can also gain a lot of materials easily for ascending your characters. Apart from this, you can also replay quests or storylines that you have done to reminisce about your journey. More importantly, you gain certain skins for characters easily if you complete their love story. Whereas, in other gacha games you need to spend money in order to get skins.

Gacha and Pity system

What you need to know about Eversoul is that the gacha system is unique. The gacha system is called pick-up summon and it is guaranteed that you will get an epic character for every 30 summons. This is the case for normal summoning banners and 60-rate-up pity for pick-up summoning banners. The highest-rated summon is ‘epic’ where the probability of obtaining it is 4% in every 10 pulls. There are souls with characteristics of humanlike, beast, fairy, and undead. Eversoul is also a f2p friendly where you can easily obtain Everstone. Everstone is an in-game item required to summon a Soul and can be obtained pretty easily by completing quests.

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