What To Expect From The Genshin Impact V2.2 Update

by Bradley Tan
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A brand new week comes with great updates from miHoYo. Genshin Impact showcased the upcoming update over the weekend. The upcoming Genshin Impact version 2.2 update is titled “Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog” and will be arriving on all platforms on 13 October this year. Moreover, this brand new update will feature 6 new major islands in Inazuma, including Tsurumi Island, the last major island in Inazuma.

Apart from that, Genshin Impact will also introduce Thoma as a playable character as well as brand new challenges and fun mini-games filled with rewards.


Genshin Impact Thoma

Image via miHoYo

Thoma is a popular character who made his debut in the recent Inazuma storyline. He can soon join your team on an adventure. He’s a four-star Pyro Vision character who wields a polearm as his weapon. Thoma will be available to wish for in the second Event Wish together with Hu Tao. The first Event Wish will feature Childe’s return.

Additionally, the Genshin Impact update will also introduce Hangout Events for both Thoma and Sayu. 

Plus, there will also be seasonal events in the upcoming update.

Tsurumi Island

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island 1

Image via miHoYo

The Tsurumi Island is the last major island of Inazuma. It will finally be open to Travelers in the 2.2 update. As for now, however, the island is shrouded in dense fog where players may get lost easily. The discovery of this new island will bring unprecedented challenges to players.


Image via miHoYo

Additionally, the Rifthounds and Rifthound Whelps are stealthy yet dangerous beasts who are lurking in the fog, awaiting to launch a sneak attack.  If hit, all party members will be affected by the “Corrosion” status and continually lose HP regardless if they’re shielded or not.


Image via miHoYo

Moreover, the Tsurumi Island appears to be the focus of recent research by a scholar from Sumeru. In the “Shadow of the Ancients” event, players have to accomplish investigation commissions across Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma to defeat an “Anomalous Model Ruin Grader”.


One of the main events is the “Labyrinth Warriors”. This allows players to venture into the mystic domain in Inazuma with Childe Tartaglia, Eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers and Xinyan, Liyue’s rock n’ roll musician.

A paper figure named “Shiki Taishou” will assist and buff players. Take note that it’ll be quite a tough fight but the rewards are valuable.

The other seasonal event is titled “Tuned to the World’s Sounds”. This event allows players to enjoy the rhythm game and play different styles of music with Ningguang, Zhongli, Keqing, Xiao, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Kamisato Ayaka, and the Raiden Shogun.

Also, we’re unsure if these codes are still claimable, but you can try and see if it still works:

1) LBNDKG8XDTND (This one gives 100 Primogems + 10 Mystic enhancement ores)

2) NB6VKHQWVANZ (The second code offers 100 Primogems + 5 Hero’s wits)

3) BSNUJGQFUTPM (The third code gives 100 Primogems + 50,000 Mora)

PS. If you’ve not claimed Aloy yet, you can claim her during the version 2.2 update for free on other platforms.

Share with us, what do you think of this upcoming update? Will you be pulling for Thoma?

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Bonus: Genshin Impact and Razer partnership

There’ll also be Genshin Impact themed Razer products coming soon. miHoYo announced that they have parterned with one of the best global lifestyle brands for gamers, Razer to introduce Genshin Impact themed peripherals and a gaming chair.

Genshin Impact Peripherals

Image via miHoYo

The products include: Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse, Razer Iskur X ergonomic gaming chair and the Razer Goliathus Speed gaming mouse mat.

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