Warframe’s Studio Brings You The Amazing Eternals

by Sammy Chan
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The Amazing Eternals’ closed beta begins August 29!

The studio behind the free-to-play shooter Warframe, Digital Extremes, is bringing you a new game called The Amazing Eternals. The closed beta begins August 29 for the new game that blends first-person action with deck-building strategy. To participate,  you can sign up for the closed beta for a chance to try out the game. If you’re not for the game of chance, the other option is to purchase a Founders Pack, guaranteeing your spot in the closed beta.

Image via The Amazing Eternals

What is The Amazing Eternals?

The lead designer, Allen Goode, in the closed beta announcement video below, explains how the blending of hero shooter and deck-building will work.

“You get to build decks with these cards and then you draw and play them that in the order that you choose throughout the match. From weapons to power ups to traps and turrets, the decks you build with influence and reflect your own gameplay style.”

If you’ve been playing Warframe then you’ll find this system familiar. Yes, it’s quite similar to the mod deck system where you slot cards to enhance your Tenno. In The Amazing Eternals however, the cards will be used in battle to enhance the fight. Either way, there’s still some deck building involve but this allows you to fully customize your play style. Ultimately, it’s a team-based shooter that is inspired by pulp science, Western and fantasy themes. In the meantime, you could check out these free-to-play games.
Initially known as Keystone in an announcement earlier this year, the game is now known as The Amazing Eternals. Check out the announcement video above.

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