Valve has disabled trading in the Netherlands for CS:GO and DotA 2

by Sammy Chan
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Valve has disabled trading in the Netherlands for DotA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Transferring or trading any items at this point are no longer possible. This is an unfortunate turn of events especially if the player happen to have a huge existing collection.

Why did Valve disabled item trading?

The call for the trading feature’s removal from both games happened a couple of months ago. It came in the form of direct pressure from the Dutch Gaming Authority.
Back in April, the gaming commission found ten games that were in violation of the country’s Better Gaming Act. Both DotA 2 and CS: GO has been flagged for loot box feature hence, the decision.
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According to, upon log in, players from the Netherlands will receive a notice from Valve.
Valve further states that they do not understand nor agree with the Dutch Gaming Authority’s legal conclusion. Due to legal constraint, their hands are tied and have to comply. The Dutch Gaming Authority has taken an aggressive stance on the matter to the point that they threatened to prosecute Valve if the latter does not implement any solution by June 20.
The company went on to apologizes for the inconvenience and hopes for more engagement with the Dutch Gaming Authority. Moving forward, Valve will most probably attempt to find a middle ground with the authority. Hopefully, they could agree to some type of compromise. Though, the ban will very likely not stop here. More games might be facing the same situation especially if they have a loot box system. To name a few, Overwatch and Fortnite could possibly come under fire.

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