Genshin Impact Guide | All 16/16 Tsurumi Island Time Trial Challenges For Beginners

by Yong Chi Winn
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It has been a few weeks since Genshin Impact released a new update. One of the major content update was the introduction to one of Inazuma’s final major island, known as Tsurumi Island.

The Tsurumi Island is an island that’s shrouded in a dense fog. It was the home to a civilization that worshipped Kanna Kapatcir. But, they have since vanished.

In the game, if the principal fog is not cleared, players will be teleported to Tsurumi Island’s Statue of The Seven.

Tsurumi Island Fog Genshin Impact

In its initial stages,  players must start the World Quest Series: Through the Mists. It also requires the players to complete the World Quest Series: Seirai Stormchasers to lift the fog. When the fog is lifted, players can then explore the island properly. Additionally, when the fogs areas are cleared, players get to unlock the Teleport Waypoint.

Like the rest of the main islands in Inazuma, there are brand new challenges. We went through all 16 of them and we have to admit, they weren’t too easy.

Here’s a little walkthrough and guide of all the challenges.

You can read more about Genshin Impact and the latest updates here.

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