Tower of Fantasy New SSR Simulacrum – Annabella

by Aly Damil
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Tower of Fantasy has announced their latest SSR simulacrum, Annabella which will be released on 12th January 2023. Annabella is born on 28th of April, and voice acted by Hong Haitian (洪海天).

Annabelle’s weapon is called “Cross Sniper.” It resonance is damage per second (DPS), and its element is flame. It has an S tier shatter at 12.00, and also an A tier rank on its charge at 9.00.

Initially, Annabella was only available in the Chinese version of Tower of Fantasy. It will be available globally on the 12th January 2023.

Annabella – Awakening (passive abilities)

1,200 points – Every time gas explosion hits at least 1 enemy, the damage of Cross Sniper is increased by 10% for 20 seconds, stacks 2 times.

4,000 points – Every time gas explosion hits at least 1 enemy, the damage of Cross Sniper is increased by 18% for 20 seconds, stacks 2 times.


Annabella – Advancements

1⭐ – Hitting the target 2 times with Scoped Shot will create an optical space at the target location for 12 seconds. Enemies within the space will trigger a burn settlement and then automatically trigger 2 burn settlements. When enemies leave the space, their movement speed is reduced by 80% for 5 seconds, cooldown 12 seconds.
Enemies targeted by the Scoped Shot shot will be scared for 1.5 seconds, reducing their attack speed and movement speed by 80%, cooldown 4 seconds.

2⭐ – Increase the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 16%.

3⭐ – After a critical hit by Scoped Shot, recover 50% of damage dealt as HP (up to 15% of Max HP) and gain 50 weapon charge.
Peace of Mind: each stack increases final crit rate by 9% (up to 27%), and maximum crit damage conversion is 13.5%.

4⭐ – Increase the current weapon’s base ATK growth by 32%.

5⭐ – Violent Bullet Enhancement – “Enhanced Scorch” state increases the target’s scorching damage to 30%.
Deception Magic Bullet Enhancement – Gas detonation damage ignores the target’s flame resistance by 30%.

6⭐ – Increase Scoped Shot’s damage by 20%.

Saki Fuwa – Recommended Matrices

Crow 2-piece set

High damage matrix set when you have high crit rate. Cross Sniper’s kit boosts crit rate by a considerable amount as well.
Increase crit damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 24%/30%/36%/42%.


Shiro 2-piece set

ToF SSR Matrix – Shiro

Great matrix set for both shatter and consistent damage increase.
Increase both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.


Samir 2-piece set

ToF SSR Matrix – Samir

Cross Sniper will have a hard time maintaining damage buff stacks with this set, so it is best used only when there are multiple mobs that you can spam Twilight Arc on.


Sobek 3-piece set

ToF SR Matrix – Sobek

A good substitute for SSR damage chips if you don’t have them. Very useful against groups of mobs, i.e., in Bygone Phantasm.

Increase damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to 3 stacks.


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