This PlayStation 4 hack could brick your console

by Sammy Chan
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Several PlayStation gamers are going through a rough weekend as a messaging exploit has been circulating PSN. The said message targets mostly online-multiplayer gamers, particularly Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege. This PlayStation 4 hack has been causing players to reformat the entire PS4 system, with issues still occurring, but there does seem to be an easier fix.
The hacker’s victims are generally his/her opponent team members. Their M.O. is sending the victims’ PSN accounts a message containing the exploit. The hacker is reported to take down entire teams at a time. Based on a few threads from Reddit, it would seem that it doesn’t matter whether users open the message or not; problems will still ensue. 
playstation 4 hack
Symptoms of the hack are unresponsive controllers and audio cuts.
On a slightly better note, it’s also speculated that the hack is a software concern, rather than hardware. Reddit users are reporting that only their accounts are affected, and that other users on the same console can still access their account. Rest assured, your account isn’t going to be trashed forever; there are fixes. Prevention is better than cure, however, so be sure to set your messaging settings to private or “friends only” if you haven’t been affected yet. For tested fixes, proceed to the next segment.

Multiple hacker accounts have been reported, with a common message of [] <3

Fix the hack

A word of warning before we proceed. The nature of the system bricking message is unknown. Can it access your personal information stored on the device? Most notably, credit card information, addresses, etc. There’s still too much unknown regarding it. Proceed at your own risk and with caution. I’d recommend clearing out your cache on your mobile and web browser before-hand.
You need to delete the message that bricked your PS4 in the first place. To do that, download the PS App for your mobile device. Go to the messages section and delete the said message. If you can’t access your mobile app, use your web browser. If the problem persists, proceed to rebuild your PS4 database. Note: you still need to do this step regardless of the outcome.

PlayStation 4 hack

Your menu may be in blue

If you need a tutorial on how to rebuild your PS4 database, check out this video. No data? No problem. Here’s the text guide.

  1. Turn off or ensure you’ve completely turned off your PS4 system
  2. Hold the power button for two beeps. This will require you to keep the button pressed for approximately ten seconds.
  3. Attach your Dualshock 4 to your PS4 system via USB cable.
  4. Turn on your DS4 by pressing the home button.
  5. The safe mode options should be on display. Choose the ‘Rebuild Database’ option.
  6. Proceed and your PS4 will now proceed to rebuild the database.

Should this not work, you may need to proceed to reformat the PS4 unit.

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