There’s finally a Fortnite SEA server to ease matchmaking

by Sammy Chan
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Fortnite finally implemented sub-region matchmaking. Southeast Asia will be the first region to get a Fortnite subregion feature. The data-center will be located in Singapore and this should make for a smoother gameplay experience for SEA players. Basically, what this means is lower ping.
If you’re not from this region, rest assured that Epic Games will be implementing more sub-region servers in the future. Their objective is to provide players with the best possible connection, especially in underserved areas.

No more lag for SEA users

One possible factor for Epic Games to choose a subregion would be the player count in your region. The more players there are, the higher the chance of your region getting their own data-center.No promises on when though. Epic Games cited the lack of major cloud providers as one of the reason, especially for the Middle East.
Other regions that will be getting sub-region matchmaking are Europe and North America. European data-centers will be set up in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Ireland. As for North America, will get their sub-regions set for Iowa, Ohio, Oregon, Montreal and South Carolina. Additionally, Asia will have other sub-region as well. The confirmed locations are India, South Korea and Taiwan.

The ping won’t be smooth always

It must be pointed out that you won’t be able to get a low ping every time. For example, the number of players decreases in the middle of the night so when that happens the queue time might take longer than usual. In order to stop that from happening they will you send you back to other primary data-centers. If you were to be playing from Singapore, they will connect you to Japan. Unfortunately, someone has to take one for the team.
So far players who are from countries near Singapore have reported getting a lower ping. One of the players, in particular, claimed that his ping dropped from 90ms to 20ms. Another claimed that it was inconsistent as sometimes his ping would shoot back above 100.

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