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Not the most well-known of Sci-fi shooters but a fun game nonetheless. The Red Solstice is like playing Dead Space from a bird’s eye view. Play with your friends or be your own party. Micro-manage your team so that every shot and skill counts. Get The Red Solstice free from Humble Bundle for a limited time! The game will be available to download until 18th 1 a.m. (+8 GMT).

What is The Red Solstice?

The Red Solstice Gameplay
It is the year 117 After Earth when a storm hits Mars, the planet after the destruction of Earth. They named the storm “The Red Solstice” that wiped out the human colonies. You’ll be playing as the elite marine troops sent to figure out just what happened to the colonies.
It is basically a squad-based shooter game you can play with your friends. You can co-op with a total of 8 friends in the multiplayer mode. If you don’t feel like playing with friends, you can load it with your customized squad and lead your team to victory by micro-managing the direction of their shots, their skills, and even their positions. This is made possible because of the game’s “Tactical Mode” that basically slows time in the game by 90%, giving you time to strategize. You can even save your favorite loadout to use for next time!
There are many single player campaigns for you to lead to victory on different maps. The same maps will be made available for you to co-op with your friends. However, you will require separate game copies to play with your friends.
Find out what happened to the human colonies. There’s also something immensely satisfying about gunning down aliens and splattering their guts everywhere.


7/10 – Steam (686 Reviews)
74% Metacritic (12 Reviews)

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