The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller revealed.

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Well this is a shocker! The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has been revealed in full glory!

Yes it’s quite obvious that the design team decided to go with a more “different” appeal this time around, but some are saying that it resembles the iconic rounded Xbox One controller. So is the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller a rip-off? Let’s take a look.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller

Look and feel

The two toned color is something new for Sony. White panels (the touch pad, left and right grips), on black panels where the analog sticks and PS home button sits. The LED bar has moved to the sides of the touchpad, giving it a slightly larger look and feel.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller now with Haptic Feedback

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller Features

In terms of tech, The L2 and R2 buttons are now adaptive triggers, adding a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the tension of drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.

New PlayStation Home Button

They’ve finally added in a built-in Microphone, giving players the ability to chat with friends without a headset. Some love the addition of a microphone, but some don’t. (You know, too many devices listening in on your conversations, robots dominating the world etc…)

Finally, the Share button has been replaced with what they’re calling, a “Create” button, but according to Sony, more details will be revealed as they get closer to launch.

So is it really a ripoff? Opinions are flying everywhere, but you can’t deny the excitement that followed. Some are also hoping to see an all-black DualSense controller.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller – All Black

Regardless of color choice, it is an appealing form factor. Redesigned PS button and handles, different triggers, a new “Create” button, and the inclusion of a microphone is a nice departure from what we’re used to seeing. Will the PlayStation 5 console itself take on a similar color scheme?What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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