Tencent wins lawsuit against Mobile Legends' Moonton

by Sammy Chan

After a year long’s worth of back and forth, Riot Games’ parent company Tencent wins lawsuit over Mobile Legends’ Moonton. Tencent has been awarded 19.4 million RMB, (11.7 million MYR or 2.9 million USD) for their claims. How will these affect Mobile Legends’ growth that is currently on the rise in Southeast Asia? Well, that really depends on how hard Tencent is intending crack down on Moonton.

The initial lawsuit

Image via Mobile Legends Facebook page

Last Summer Riot Games filed a lawsuit against Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. due to the latter’s mobile game having too many close similarities to Riot’s League of Legends. The lawsuit was later dismissed on the grounds of forum non conviens. Basically, since both companies were hailing from a different country, it’s inconvenient for one or the other court. For this case particularly, it was the Shanghai court. Hence to carry out the lawsuit, it must be in Shanghai or rather, China.
Now, when Mobile Legends first came out, many people were already noticing the similarities. Moonton even took to their Facebook to claim that the lawsuit is fake news made up by the media. Threatening the media and dismissing the whole ordeal was a really bad move from Moonton’s side. Riot Games had valid claims and a lawsuit was filed. Well, one can only evade the law for so long.
Anyone who plays League of Legends could easily spot the similarities when you compare it to Mobile Legends. During the initial lawsuit, Riot shared several in-game screenshots of both games for comparison. Besides Mobile Legends, Moonton that one other game that got in trouble too. Magic Rush: Heroes had several characters that were just too similar to League’s champion. In this Magic Rush: Heroes trailer alone, you can see that Moonton pretty much ripped off Ashe, Garen, Janna, and Ryze. If you would like to see a list of which hero in Magic Rush is a rip off of League of Legends, check out this Reddit post.

Image via Riot Games

Tencent vs. Moonton

Having acquired Riot Games back in 2015, it was no surprise that parent company Tencent Holdings stepped in to help pursue the matter. If you don’t know who they are, Tencent Holdings is one of the biggest investment company based in China. Other subsidiaries they owned include Epic Games, PUBG Corp., Supercell and many more.

Tencent went on to launch a new suit against Mobile Legends. Originally, Moonton was set to pay only 2.6 million RMB (1.57 million MYR or 388 thousand USD). The court later on deemed this value incorrect and insufficient. The payable value is now 19.4 million RMB.
Tencent is definitely not sitting on their hands anymore. Finally, King of Glory, Tencent’s mobile MOBA is joining forces with Riot Games. They intend to pursue additional copyright infringement against Moonton.

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名瀬 美月Iszk 20/07/2018 - 12:47 am

It’s doesn’t effect moontoon seriously ML has 100million plyr and every plyr have at least 1skin that cost 10dollar cheapest one xD 150dollar for the unlucky spin skin =.= and why u even bother moonton company :v u should make it first in play store ~~~ First come first serve 😛

Samba 20/07/2018 - 1:34 pm

they did release it first. and moonton and their mobile legends stole everything, so… honestly, moonton is such a cheap company they dare to took so many things from others without paying licenses, which is illegal. they took ultron’s model, so many content from LoL, some chara design and skills from dota, chara design from Final Fantasy, quotes from assassin creed, and so many more. it is kinda sad they exploit children to buy their stuffs while stealing ideas from many sources, designing something needs money and time, you know ? they just skip all of those, steal from others, and resell it to kids and childrens, maybe you included 😛

atomata dread 24/09/2018 - 6:10 am

The negativity of the news will affects public’s opinion and moonton stock kog released first in China and then they released the global version and it even released first in many countries, each version have different names like lien quan or rov

Stanley Adisesha 21/07/2018 - 5:27 am

cheap games for cheapo and stupid ppl

SEAGM Editor 22/07/2018 - 6:21 pm

does price determines whether ppl is cheapo and stupid?

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