It’s TAKE MY MONEY time again! Steam launched Steam Exploration Sales 2015 with thousands of games on sales! To be exact, there are 8763 titles on discount! Discount of up to 85%-90% for some games titles.

Steam Exploration Sales -8763 titles on sale

Do note that discounted game titles would be on the same discount during the entire sales period but discounts will get higher discount when selected games are featured in the Featured or Daily deal promotion. For instance, a game may be on 60% OFF during the entirely Steam Exploration Sales but when it’s in the Featured or Daily sales, discounts may become above 60% off.

Featured - Steam Exploration Sales

Steam Exploration Sales 2015 will end on December 1st, 2015.

Another good news is that SEA Gamer Mall is running a promotional 5% discount with Paypal for all purchases. That’s AWESOMENESS when you use Paypal to buy Steam Wallet Code from and use the Steam Wallet Code digital pins to top up your Steam Wallet balance.

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