STAR WARS Darth Vader and Master Yoda Invades MLBB

by Muhammad "Flava" Farouq
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Star Wars fans, rejoice! As Moonton has announced the MLBB x STAR WARS collaboration. Featuring Sith Lord Darth Vader, and Jedi Master Yoda. This will be available for a limited time starting SATURDAY, 10th July 2021.

To top all that, SEAGM is offering;-

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Yes, the force is strong in SEAGM. (geddit?) *Terms and conditions apply.

This is one of the rarest events that Moonton has come up with for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collaborations so far. It is with none other than Star Wars. Because this is such an exclusive collab, the only information that is given to the fans before the event starts on the 10th of July 2021 is a video trailer.




  1. The campaign period begins on July 10, 2021 (00:00 AM GMT +8) and will end on July 15, 2021 (23:59 GMT +8).
  2. During the campaign period, enjoy up to 3% cashback (cashback or discount?) when purchasing Mobile Legends Diamonds from SEAGM.
  3. The Social Media Contest is for any purchase of Mobile Legends Diamonds, with no minimum spend required.
  4. To participate in Social Media Contest, comment under the promotional Facebook post with your Payment ID and share on your wall or to a group. You can find it at
  5. Ten (10) Starlight Membership will be giving away to ten (10) eligible lucky winners
  6. Winners’ announcements will be made on our social media, and email to the winners within 3 working days after the campaign ends.
  7. Failing to respond to the winning announcement email within 48 hours will result in a forfeit.
  8. Crediting of the prize will be done within 10 working days after the announcement.
  9. SEAGM Credits cannot be exchanged for cash or other product of the same value.
  10. SEAGM reserves the final right to make further changes to the terms without prior notice if necessary


If you have not watched the official trailer for MLBB x STAR WARS skins, watch it here:-



The TWO (2) skins from the MLBB x STAR WARS collab is exclusive and only made available for:-

  • LAOS




Argus’s Darth Vader skin


Introducing the Darth Vader skin for Argus, part of the MLBB x STAR WARS collaboration. Darth Vader is one of the most iconic Sith Lords / evil characters in Star Wars and chosen as the first exclusive skin for this collaboration.

Particularly known for famous phrases such as “I am your father” and “The force is strong on this one“, Darth Vader’s real name is Anakin Skywalker. He was a slave on planet Tatooine, and discovered by Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Master Obi-Wan Kenobi while he is still a boy. It is said that he has the potential to be the most powerful Jedi ever and bring balance to the force. However,  Master Yoda has concerns that he might become a Jedi of darkness rather than for good. Master Yoda was right all along.

Out of 4 of Argus’s skills,  3 of them are changed in terms of animations when equipping the Darth Vader skin. The Darth Vader model is seen as levitating on the battlefield. And for the first time, Argus has no wings.


Darth Vader – Demonic Grip skill


To begin with is the Demonic Grip skill. It resembles the force used by Darth Vader. Instead of gripping enemies towards him, instead, he pulls himself towards the enemy.


Darth Vader – Meteoric Sword skill


Secondly, is the Meteoric Sword skills . This skill features Darth Vader thrusting forward with his red lightsaber, which is never seen being done by Darth Vader in Star Wars. (Looks more like what Mace Windu would do)


Darth Vader – Eternal Evil skill


Of course, the passive Eternal Evil skill provides Darth Vader with a permanent increment of Physical Attack. The animation looks like Darth Vader engulfing himself with dark powers with a bubble of red evil aura around him.


However, we from SEAGM was hoping that Moonton would use the voice line “I am your father” for Darth Vader. Imagine the amount of fun it would be that have that. For instance, spamming “I am your father” after defeating every enemy hero.




Cyclops – Master Yoda skin


Master Yoda is the second exclusive skin introduced for the MLBB x STAR WARS collaboration. This exclusive skin is for the hero Cyclops. He is one of the most legendary Jedi Master in Star Wars, as well as one of the oldest alive. He may be small in size, but he is very powerful as he has practised Jedi training for over 800 years.

Having Master Yoda represent the Light Side of The Force in this collaboration is telling fans that this is Master Yoda trying to correct his past mistake of allowing Anakin Skywalker to undergo Jedi training. As Master Yoda has said to Anakin, “I sense much fear in you”.

Subsequently, just like Argus, Cyclops also has made animation changes to 3 of his skills when using the Master Yoda skin.


Master Yoda – Stardust Shock skill


In the first place is the skill Stardust Shock skill. Master Yoda hurls a spinning lightsaber forward to hit his enemies in a straight line dealing Magical Damage from his green lightsaber.


Master Yoda – Planets Attack skill


Secondly, his Planets Attack skill features Master Yoda’s control of the force over boulders to attack nearby enemies. Master Yoda is also surrounded by boulders and he serves as the centre of the earth when performing this skill.


Master Yoda – Star Power Lockdown skill


Finally, Master Yoda’s Star Power Lockdown skill. Master Yoda gathers the power of the force to create a gigantic sphere of power. He then throws this to chase his enemy dealing very high Magic Damage. Master Yoda’s hologram is also shown above the enemy hero just to let him know that the Light Side of the force is chasing after him. Master Yoda is very brutal.




To summarize, the MLBB x Star Wars collaboration is amazing as it has received many positive comments from fans all around the world. This is definitely one of the best collaborations that MLBB can have for the game. Even people who don’t play MLBB would like to play it now because it has the Darth Vader and Master Yoda skin in it.

Finally, congratulations to Moonton and the team for bringing Star Wars into Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We look forward to seeing darkness rule the galaxy! (Yes, admin is a fan of Darth Vader)



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