Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update!

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The farming game Stardew Valley just became more interesting with this new update. Why, you ask? Well in this update you not only get new content but also the long-awaited co-op multiplayer mode.

How does the multiplayer work?

Screengrab via Stardew Valley

With this update, Stardew Valley now supports up to 4 player co-op. You get to play as you did in singleplayer but now your friends get to tag along and help you with whatever task you have in mind. To start up the multiplayer game, you need one player to act as the host while the remaining 1-3 players will join the game. This means that the host must always be in the game for the group to play.

When playing co-op, you will share the same pool of money with your friends and work together on the same farm. Whatever you do in the game world, be it the storyline, building up the farm, it is all shared between the players. Though you do have your own private stuff such as your private inventory, skills, achievements etc. You even have a chatbox with a ton of emojis to play around with your friends now.

Screengrab via Stardew Valley

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Besides the multiplayer stuff, you will be getting other new contents as well. Here let me briefly show you what is in store for you. You will be getting new character events, crafting signs, new monsters, decorations, garden pots and many more.  Wait you can even put a hat on your horse now. It’s a hat on a horse!

Screengrab via Stardew Valley

For more information regarding the update, check out the link from their twitter feed.


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