Will Stardew Valley Multiplayer Still Release In Spring?

by Sammy Chan
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It’s 2018 and it’s definitely Spring. Where is that Stardew Valley multiplayer we were promised? We’re just as eager as you are when it comes to this update specifically. Here’s an update on the current state of multiplayer development by Eric Barone himself. Will we still be getting that Spring release? Read on to find out!
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State Of Multiplayer

There still isn’t any solid date for the release yet but Barone is still trying his best to keep the Spring beta release promise. Currently, new features for the game has been completed and the mode is in translation phase. All the new text has been shipped off to be translated into supported languages as the team work on bug fixes. Barone also pointed out that he has always worked solo on the game. This time around, however, Tom Coxon from Chucklefish is helping him out with the multiplayer update.
Once the translation process is over and done with, the team of two will move on to Quality Assurance phase. They will be making sure all features for both multiplayer and single player are functioning as intended.
Barone promises to give us more details as to how multiplayer is going to be like once beta’s launch gets closer. A complete list of new features and a solid timetable will follow as well. For now, fellow farmers, all we can do is sit tight and wait! If you want to read the blog post itself, go here.

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