Stardew Multiplayer Is Almost Here!

by Sammy Chan
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Bring your fans to your farm, turn them into slaves!

If you’re like me and are a big fan of Stardew Valley, then rejoice! A developer from Chucklefish updated in a blog post that Multiplayer on Stardew Valley is in the works! Here’s what we know about the update.

The biggest change would be that farmhands, A.K.A your slaves I mean friends, will not be sharing the house with you. Instead, they will be sleeping in their separate cabins, that will be provided by Robin. Each of your farmhands has their own inventory and can do almost everything the main player can do. Farm, mine, fish, fight, forage, marry NPCs and take part in festivals, the only things you cannot do as a farmhand are the only that will change the story of the game. Those decisions can only be made by the main player, such as when to sleep, when to start and end festivals, and whether to side with Joja. Local multiplayer, split screen and PVP are not planned at this point.

More features will be implemented in the future such as player-to-player marriage etc. The multiplayer servers will be set up via Steam, which means you won’t need to go through the hassle of port forwarding and messing around in unfamiliar territory. While news of Multiplayer says that it’s “almost here”, the list of things to do is still long. UI and Menus have to be changed, events and festivals have to be re-coded to accommodate farmhand participation etc.

We say soon, but when?

Beta testing for Stardew Valley Multiplayer is expected to start at the end of 2017 for Steam users. Then in early 2018 Chucklefish hopes to release it as 1.3 patches on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Don’t worry console users, we didn’t forget about you. Multiplayer will come to consoles as well, starting with the Nintendo Switch. This will be a bigger patch than usual, so don’t panic as it will take awhile to be ported out to each platform. Read the full blog post here.

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