Former president shares reason behind Sony's cross-play stance

by Sammy Chan
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Having recently launched on Nintendo Switch, Fortnite is expanding its player base across platform. The game is bigger than ever. However, many PlayStation 4 players who also owns a Switch, found out that they couldn’t use the same Fortnite account to access the game on Switch. The players were greeted instead, with a “Login Failed” screen, that notifies them to create them a new account. Following the whole ordeal, former president, John Smedly shed some light on Sony’s cross-play stance.
Switch offers portability so it’s no surprise if players would like the freedom to game on the go. Prior to this issue coming to light, there was no notice nor any sort of warning regarding accounts being platform-locked. Especially between the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Even then, the progression restriction between Xbox and Sony is a little confusing. So as you can guess, this turn of event got people reaching for their pitchfork, ready to go after Sony. However, Epic Games has the same amount of responsibility as well and this is not entirely Sony’s fault. We already knew from the beginning they were against cross-play.

Why is Sony against cross play with other consoles?

According to John Smedley, president, and CEO of Daybreak Games Company which changed its name from Sony Online Entertainment, the reason was plain and simple; money. That was the internal reasoning that was going around in the company, rather. Fortnite isn’t the first game who encountered this issue. During Switch early days, Rocket League was one of the games that received a Switch port. It’s also the game that sort of started all this cross play talk. Upon receiving a multitude of request to enable cross-play, the developer, Psyonix stated that the feature is ready and they could turn it on anytime. The only component that was missing was a green light from Sony.
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Head of XBox, Phil Spencer has been very open regarding their stance on cross-play. During the single accidental and historical moment where Xbox One players met with PlayStation 4’s when the feature was accidentally turned on, Spencer made it clear it that he wants the feature to stay. Epic Games, later on, made a statement saying it was nothing but a bug and called it a “configuration issue”
At this point and time, there are no restrictions between Xbox and Switch. If you had a friend who is playing on Switch and someone else on an Xbox wants to join, you can. But if you have a Switch or Xbox One player in the squad, a PlayStation 4 player could not join and vice versa. However, progression is still platform-locked. Epic Games needs to make a better effort in clearing this up.
Smedley has since deleted his initial tweet but his stance on it is clear. So, do your thing, internet!

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