SK Telecom T1 Jet Lagged?

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SKT Return as Champions — Shut Down at Homecoming by SSG

There’s trouble in paradise for SKT as they return from Brazil after a dominating performance at MSI. It’s been barely over a week for our champions before they’re plugging onto LCK stage for the start of summer split.
In SKT’s first game back home, they were defeated in a one-sided game against Samsung Galaxy, who commanded the map entirely and was flawless in securing objectives. Samsung Galaxy made the best of their downtime by perfecting their individual gameplay as well as strengthening team synergy. It’s certainly paid off as they went 2-0 against SKT in their first game back and leaving no room for mistakes.
The members of SSG has adapted perfectly to the meta, taking advantage of the newly added Rift Herald in patch v7.10 to exert their dominance in the early game. Rotating their players across the map and position themselves to secure objectives, one after the other, SSG has proven to be the better team in this series.
However, that is not to say that SKT is out for the count. The MSI champions have had to skip two whole patches upon their return from Brazil as the tournament had been played and practiced on v7.8 patch. As we all know, the meta in League of Legends is constantly shifting. Pro-player skills are mostly muscle memory refined from hundreds of hours of experience.The slightest change in champion skills or the map can knock them off kilter due to the sheer amount of practice they invest in gameplay.
As MSI champions and reigning World Champions, the pressure is on SKT and their coaching staff to bounce back from this loss and adapt to the new patches. Whereas the rest of the LCK teams need to make the best of their advantage because SKT won’t stay down for long.
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