SEM9 signs Crackheads to their growing organization

by Sammy Chan
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SEM9 signs Crackheads as their first professional Call of Duty: Mobile esports team.  Sony will be presenting this year’s Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship. This tournament takes place in five regions that includes, South East Asia & Middle East (SAME), Latin America (LATAM), Japan (JP), North America (NA), and Europe (EU).

SEM9 signs Crackheads

Taking home the trophy during the Call of Duty: Mobile Malaysia Championship 2021, Crackheads took everyone by surprise. They manage to take down former champion, Yoodo RSG, with a convincing 3:1 in the final score.  Seeing their potential as a team, SEM9 extended an offer to team captain, Justin Chin a.k.a Smokii to be part of the organization. The offer was then gladly accepted after the team came to a unanimous decision. The team has already begun preparation for their debut in the world stage under a new banner of SEM9.

Meet the new SEM9 CODM team

The initial line up of Crackheads includes six players. However, due to age restrictions, SEM9 has to get two additional players. Hence, the final roster will consist of eight players. Here are the players and their roles:

  • Justin “Smokii” Chin – Slayer/Rusher
  • Pavandeep “ConcepT” Singh – Flex/Objective
  • Harvin “x3Jasmine” Singh – Sniper
  • Ng “Zh3ngYu” Zheng Yu – Objective/Anchor
  • Saefur “sƒurr” Rahman – Support/Anchor
  • Christien Tyler “Zendaya” Ernest – Anchor
  • Declan “b1ngo” Bong – Slayer
  • Muhammad “Sciia” Ilyas – Slayer

Due to being not of age, Sciia and b1ngo will not be participating in the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship – Stage 4. In their place will be Zendaya and sƒurr. However, they will remain active on the main roster for all regional tournaments.

SEM9 on a world stage

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship – Garena Finals will begin October 7, 2021.  In terms of format, this league includes the top two teams from the following National Championships:

  • Ultimate Warfare (Thailand)
  • Major Series (Indonesia)
  • Malaysia Championship
  • Singapore Championship
  • Philipines Championship
  • TWHKMO Qualifier

Next, the map rotation will consist of Hardpoint, Search and Destroy then Domination with rotation back to Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. Last but not least, the map pool will include Crossfire, Firing Range, Standoff, Takeoff, Raid, Summit and Hackey Yard.

Finally, SEM9 will be aiming for the top, ready to put Malaysia on the map for this upcoming championship.

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