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For Security Precaution, Change SEAGM password

by on March 5, 2017

Dear SEAGM.com customer,

On 23rd February 2017, our service provider Cloudflare announced a bug that caused certain traffic sent through their servers to leak from memory, potentially exposing sensitive data. SEAGM.com is a Cloudflare customer and uses their content delivery network for our website.

As a result, this means that if you interacted with the SEAGM.com, logged in to your SEAGM Member account, between September 22, 2016 and February 18, 2017, the associated activity could have leaked and been compromised. This includes usernames and passwords.

As a precaution, we recommend that you login to your SEAGM Memer account as soon as possible and change your password.

Nevertheless, Cloudflare has informed us that they have no evidence that SEAGM.com data leaked into any third-party caches. We also have no evidence that any SEAGM accounts were compromised. We are continuing to monitor the situation for any updates.

Please get in touch with our support via email or Live Chat any questions.