SEAGM sponsors SEM9 Call of Duty: Mobile team

by Aly Damil
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SEAGM sponsors SEM9 and its first Call of Duty: Mobile professional esports team. The team will be debuting in its first international stage in the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship – Garena.

SEAGM sponsors SEM9 Call of Duty: Mobile team

Taking the reign as the new champions after beating Yodoo RSG in the Garena Call of Duty Malaysia Championship 2021, Crackheads will be the third team to be signed by SEM9.  SEAGM has always seen great potentials in  SEM9 and is confident that the formation of this new team will only bring more success to the entity as a whole.

Introducing the SEM9 roster for Call of Duty: Mobile

After deliberating to select players of the right age for the tournament, SEM9 produces the final roster of players. Here are the players and their roles:

  • Justin “Smokii” Chin – Slayer/Rusher
  • Pavandeep “ConcepT” Singh – Flex/Objective
  • Harvin “x3Jasmine” Singh – Sniper
  • Ng “Zh3ngYu” Zheng Yu – Objective/Anchor
  • Saefur “sƒurr” Rahman – Support/Anchor
  • Christien Tyler “Zendaya” Ernest – Anchor
  • Declan “b1ngo” Bong – Slayer
  • Muhammad “Sciia” Ilyas – Slayer

Furthermore, these player’s credentials, life aspirations and goals are highly commendable. Hence, this stores the faith in SEAGM that SEM9 will be able to pave the way for its new team so it can represent the organization well. Subsequently, the team pledge to honor the partnership by giving their best at the tournament.

SEM9 CODM potential

CEO and Co-Founder of SEAGM, Tommy Chieng said, “I believe this group of young men have a lot of potential. If they really put their heart and mind to it, they certainly are capable of being one of the top Call of Duty: Mobile teams in Southeast Asia. SEAGM’s role in this is to elevate them and provide a smooth sailing journey on a path they have already carved out for themselves.”

In short, as the proud sponsors, SEAGM knows that SEM9 will be aiming for the top. Moreover, they are ready to put Malaysia on the map for this upcoming championship and their fans could not be more excited!

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