SEAGM Q2 Team Bonding 2023

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A simple yet impactful activity was initiated recently to strengthen team dynamics in SEAGM Malaysia offices throughout May and June 2023.

That’s right! Our HRA Department has organized a fun Team Bonding in Quarter 2 of the year for all Malaysia employees to participate in order to promote team bonding and togetherness. This drawing and coloring session started on 18th May 2023 and lasted for a month. The primary goal of this activity is to enhance employee engagement and encourage a positive and cohesive work culture as well as to promote a sense of unity, collaboration, and camaraderie among SEAGM employees. What made the drawing session particularly interesting was actually the enthusiastic participation of employees, despite their busy workloads. It was truly inspiring to witness their commitment and unity as they joined the drawing session together.

During the mini party on 22nd and 23rd of June, the committee members for the event put up a wonderful art display corner dedicated to showcasing the curated art pieces received by the HRA department. The “Wall of Fame” served as a vibrant gallery, filled with captivating drawings created by our talented employees. In addition, an exciting voting session was also held where every employee had the opportunity to cast their votes and show appreciation for their favorite artworks most fitting for the titles of The Most Creative, The Most Meaningful Story, The Funniest, and The Most Team-Spirited categories. It was an inclusive and engaging experience that brought the employees closer together and celebrated the diverse creativity within the company.

Subsequently, SEAGM celebrated the winners of the drawing competition with an enthralling prize-giving ceremony. The ecstatic winners were awarded certificates, etching their unforgettable SEAGM experience into cherished memories. Lastly, the event has been concluded with a delightful photo-taking session, capturing the joy and memories shared during our team bonding experience. To add to the festivities, we indulged in the mini food party featuring an assortment of delectable ‘kuihs’, allowing everyone to savor the flavors and engage in casual conversations. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the day, filled with laughter and delicious treats. The combination of laughter, snapshots, and delectable treats made for a perfect ending to our team bonding event.

With that, SEAGM sincerely hopes that this team bonding event has brought valuable moments to everyone who has participated, fostering growth and positive outcomes. SEAGM looks forward to organizing similar events in the future, aiming to provide another opportunity for employees to connect, learn, and grow together in the upcoming quarters.

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