SEAGM POWER UP! Announcement

by Sammy Chan
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SEAGM POWER UP! We’re officially announcing a visual identity re-branding to reflect the company’s growth and evolution through the years. 

2020 has no doubt been a long and winding journey for us. Nevertheless, we are moving forward with a new captain steering us into 2021. Therefore, it’s only fitting that our brand evolve as well to reflect the new growth.

Moving onto a new chapter in our company, the brand refresh reflects our commitment to provide great services and range of digital products to our customers and partners

Tommy Chieng, CEO of SEAGM

Vision and Mission

We will continue to uphold our mission – to develop the best online game digital goods distribution platform with focus on providing top services to our customers and partners while also empowering gamers. 

In order to achieve our mission, our vision has to be aligned. SEAGM will empower gamers by contributing back to the gaming community by becoming the most innovative and largest digital goods platform globally through collaborating with game industry players for talent development to create potential career paths.

Visual Identity Rebranding

In this initiative named SEAGM POWER UP!, our brand will experience visual changes to its logo, website and mobile application.

With the brand establishment set all the way back to 2007, SEAGM went through its first rebrand in 2017 in which the logo and website was given a new look. 


As we gradually grew and evolved our brand identity, the trend in design also grew. Previously, logos with many details were highly favored but this trend eventually began to favor the flat style more. Our current identity is evidently out of touch with this trend since it encapsulates too many details making it difficult for small sized render. In turn, this affects the clarity of our identity hence the decided change.

Our main audience are gamers who arrive at the site with clear intent. They know what they want and they want it fast. These elements are part of the highlight in our process of re-branding.

The first thing we changed was the shape of the shield. The old one featured a complicated texture and we have decided to simplify it greatly.

We also adopted a variant of the letter “S”. Then, we proceed to combining the initial of SEAGM with the image of a lightning bolt. This is to express our commitment in providing a fast and smooth experience for our users.

By combining these elements together, the new SEAGM logo is born. Additionally we also created a typography-based logo to go along with the shield. 

Website and App

Finally, after establishing the new visual identity with an evolved logo, we moved on upgrading the look of our website and application. 

The website and application is also getting an upgrade. With a brand new interface, it’s ready to provide improved user experience. These are some new features that you will find:

  1. A newly added customer review section.
  2. Faster loading speed.
  3. Neat and tidy interface for better navigation.
  4. A newly added reporting system for reporting faulty cards, eliminating the need to go through LiveChat. (Coming Soon)

All together these new changes are here with the intention to serve you better, faster and safer. Check out our new look now.

SEAGM Website then and now

Here’s a look at how far we’ve come in terms of our website!

In 2011, the website at glance has too much information on the homepage.

Then in 2013 there was a change in the layout with information categorized under tabs.

Fast forward to 2017 until current time, the entire website is looking significantly different. Categories are clear at a glance with rotating hero banner.

Finally, the 2020 edition of the website. It puts an emphasis on special deals while keeping the same rotating hero banner. The background color is representing the brand alongside the lightning motif “S”

Thank you for using SEAGM and for being a part of our community. We’ll part with a few words from one of our leaders.

The new expression of our brand, signify that we are making progress in the changing world of gaming.

We’re focusing our energy to forge a future where everything we do is fuel by our awesome customers and partners. We look different now with a hope – one change can lead to another, bringing excitement and better services to the community and employees.


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