Mojang’s best known for the blockbuster game Minecraft, but today heralds the launch of the open beta for its new game, Scrolls. Scrolls has been in development for some time.

Scrolls lets you test your card-battling skills in ranked online and casual match-ups with other players. The card trading forum is up and running, as is the in-game store for bolstering your deck using gold earned through triumph, and “shards” purchased with real dough. You can tweak your deck using the builder, and 25 trials are available off the bat to school you in strategy.

Access to the open beta will cost you $20, £13 or 15 euros. The good news is all future updates will be free to beta adopters. The purchase page isn’t live just yet, but it’ll be available to download for PC and Mac very soon.

Below is the trailer for Scrolls:

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