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We have liftoff! Welcome to Mission: Mars, where you can explore the rough and rugged Red Planet, go on missions, and help determine the future of humanity on Mars!

Mission: Mars is a free educational experience on Roblox from the Museum of Science and Filament Games that challenges players to design and build vehicles fit for navigating challenges on Mars.

Launch Mission: Mars, where you are in charge!

  • Step into your Mars survival suit and design a hi-tech Mars Rover customized to accomplish your missions.
  • Design, Build, and survive on Mars
  • Collect samples of water ice, and rescue fellow researchers on the Red Planet.
  • In-game mechanics and environmental design are all based on true science principles, powered by actual NASA data.

Partake in the Engineering Design Process as they help their team in level-based missions to discover past evidence of water, collect samples of water ice, and rescue other explorers from harrowing situations. They can also design vehicles to help them in their missions, earning experience points and rewards as they play.

Let us know, what is the first thing you’ll do when you touchdown on Mars?

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